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Beach, Lake, Pool... Repeat!

Summer is officially here!

Do you know what that means? Beach, lake,  and pool days on repeat! Let’s look at some products that will be your new lifesaver for all those summer water days and activities! Preferred Nation Picnic Chair with Cooler is a MUST-HAVE item this summer! This product is a 3-in-1! It is a chair and a cooler and includes a separate compartment that holds a two-piece cup set, two complete silverware sets, and a corkscrew and cutting board. Top-tier convenience, all at a value price of $41.95. Now, that’s what I call a steal!

If you struggle with motion sickness, the Reliefband Anti-Nausea bracelet will be your best friend! This band is a fast-acting, drug-free travel accessory that will help you combat any form of car, sea, air, or motion sickness. Not only are Reliefband's perfect for any beach/lake day activity, but they would even be perfect for those Amusement Park days with the family!

The Geckobrands Float Phone Dry Bag is the perfect product to ensure you keep your phone safe and protected, whether you’re boating, sunning on the beach, or hanging out by the pool. This dry bag was tested to submerge under water for an hour at a 10-meter depth. Not only are you sure to keep your phone dry, but you can still talk, text, take photos, play games, and surf the web while your phone is inside the bag. This product also has an armband attachment so you can go hands-free while swimming, snorkeling, paddling, or even running.

If you have more valuables that you want to keep safe alongside your phone, the Geckobrands Waterproof Drybox will be your go-to! This dry box comes in two sizes, along with three different colors to choose from. This waterproof drybox has a silicone liner that offers additional care for your phone, and the size is optimal for your keys, licenses, and other small valuables. It also includes a dual latch system to ensure a secure close.

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