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Back To School Essentials

by Emily Pelletier 08 Aug 2023

When life starts to get hectic during the school year, we want convenience! The Samsonite Tote-A-Ton is the answer to your prayers! This duffel bag is perfect for college students who or moving in or for busy athletes on the go. The Tote-A-Ton duffel is collapsible, so it doesn't take up space when not in use. This duffel is also perfect for transporting sports gear to and from! The duffel is available for purchase in a 3-pack and single bag, along with three different colorways to choose from!

Sprayground offers the perfect back-to-school options for those wanting something unique and a statement piece. All Sprayground pieces are limited edition and will never be produced again! Each product is made with durable faux leather water-resistant fabric. Even though each unique Sprayground design is meant to tell a story through inspiration, pop culture, color, and thought-provoking concepts and detail, the bags are also made to be thrown around and beat up through the normal wear and tear of daily life. Check out Sprayground backpacks here!

The Kipling Kichirou Insulated Lunch Bag is the cutest lunch bag you have ever seen! This stylish, lightweight lunch bag has a fully lined interior, adjustable strap, netted lining, and a spacious interior for meals and snacks! Plus, it is easily foldable to throw into a tote or backpack! Have you ever used one of those wide-mouthed water bottles that never kept your drink cool and spilled all over yourself every time you took a sip… Or is that just me?.. The Camelbak Chute Mag 25oz water bottle is the perfect bottle for all ages! This insulated water bottle has a universal magnetic cap that also stows out of the way when drinking. Not only is this bottle lightweight and durable, but it is also made with a sustainable twist as it is made with a highly durable 50% recycled material! It is also leak-proof when closed. Check out the beautiful seven colorways we have available!

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