ZERO Halliburton Geo Aluminum 2.0 22" 2-Wheel Carry-On Luggage

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Price:$750.00   & Free Shipping & Returns
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Color: Bronze
Size: 22"
  • Utilizes premium Anodized Aluminum that is as strong as steel but only one-fourth the weight.
  • Innovative and unique Double-Rib Design provides additional strength and durability as well as optimum protection of its contents.
  • Designed to securely close using two TSA-Accepted Combination Locks that are integrated into the Draw-bolt Latches.
  • Seals airtight with the addition of a Neoprene Gasket Seal around the opening's perimeter.
  • The intuitive 3-stage dual-button handle system allows for quicker release for both left and right-handed travelers.
  • DIMENSIONS: 15.5 in 8.5 in 21.5 in
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