Trakdot Tracker Flight Baggage Tracer Anti lost Palm size Locator Airline Trip Worldwide Travel Tracking Monitor Detector Finder GSM Chip Cell Towers SMS Alert iOS & Android Compatible

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  • Trakdot Luggage offers a simple solution to helping you keep track of your luggage anywhere in the world when you travel by air. Notifications to your phone or track online when you land that your checked-in luggage has arrived with you.
  • You can check to see what city your luggage is in with our free tracking app developed for iOS and Android devices. Works anywhere your mobile phone does; can be linked to multiple phones. Mobile app notifies you when you are within 30 feet from luggage.
  • FCC Certified and FAA Compliant
  • Gives you peace of mind by helping you keep track of your bag when travelling air
  • Works anywhere cellular phones work
  • DIMENSIONS: 3" X 0.8" X 2.2"
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