Reliefband Sport Black Anti-Nausea Wearable Bracelet

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  • RECLAIM YOUR LIFE: No longer will you be held back from doing what you love. Get back to living your life without the feeling of nausea and vomiting. Now with Reliefband, you’ll take on the world with ease and comfort.
  • 100% DRUG-FREE: With an 85% success rate according to our clinical trials, the Reliefband Classic is the #1 FDA-cleared, all-natural wearable solution for nausea and vomiting. Our fast-acting treatment puts you in the driver's seat in the fight against nausea.
  • FAST ACTING: Once activated, this anti-nausea band releases a specific pattern of pulses that stimulate the median nerve under the skin. The pulses normalize the nerve messaging from the brain to the stomach which rapidly relieves symptoms of nausea and vomiting without any side effects.
  • CLASSIC FEATURES: The Reliefband Classic lasts for 150 hours of continuous use with pre-installed batteries and has a low battery indicator. Worn on the underside of the wrist, this model has 5 intensity settings easily adjustable to your precise needs.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Each Classic Reliefband comes with 1 hypoallergenic conductivity gel tube and pre-installed batteries. Also included is an adjustable nylon strap. Fits wrist sizes 4.5" - 9.25".
  • DIMENSIONS: 5.51" X 9.64" X 1.38"
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