Travel Laundry Kit

Travel Laundry Kit

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DIMENSIONS: 18.5 x 8.5 x 12.5

Individuals have been using Woolite soap in their homes since 1951, and nowits available to take on the road. With these lightweight, portable packetsof cold water wash liquid soap, you can wash your clothes in sinks, bathtubs,basins, or even washing machines. Theyre perfect for hotels, hostels, dorms,or anywhere else you dont have easy access to a laundry machine orlaundromat. With its biodegradable ingredients, you can be rest-assured thatyoure not putting harsh chemicals such as bleach, phosphates, or enzymes ontoyour clothing. It can be used on both whites and colors, and is ideal for manytypes of fabrics, including washable suede, linen, cotton, washable wool,silk, rayon, polyester, cotton/polyester, nylon, nylon/spandex andrayon/spandex. This travel laundry soap can be used on cruises, vacations,business trips, backpacking adventures, and more. Often, the dry cleaningservices available at hotels are prohibitively expensive, and you dont wantto spend hours at the laundromat when you could be out exploring. With thesesoap packets, youll have clean and fresh clothes without much time or effort.Instead of packing enough clothes to last through your entire trip, you canbring just a few pairs with you and wash them along the way, saving you spaceand reducing the weight of your luggage. The actual packets measure only 4in x2in, and can fit into even the narrowest compartments. Unlike bottles oflaundry detergent, you can discard these along the way, and since theyre pre-packaged, you wont end up accidentally using too much detergent. You alsodont have to worry about these leaking all over your belongings while intransit. Additionally, many hotels do not have sink stoppers, so the includedone ensures that youre not continually refilling the basin with more water.Dont try to wash your clothes with the hand soap youll find at the placeyoure staying. With these liquid soap packets, youre basically bringing abottle of laundry detergent with you, but without the bulkiness and weight.Wash your shirts, pants, underwear, socks, sweaters, swimsuits, etc. quicklyand easily and you wont have to choose between packing your entire wardrobeor wearing dirty clothes during your trip.

Model NameTravel
Product Height18.5
Product Width8.5
Product Length12.5
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