Aleon Classic 17" 4-Wheel Wheeled Briefcases

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Product Type: Wheeled Briefcases
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Price:$379.00   & Free Shipping & Returns
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Color: Champagne
Size: 17"
  • Aleon?s? ownership brings to our industry over 50 years experience in fabricating Aluminum.
  • All Aleon? parts are designed and manufactured in Aleon?s factory insuring proper fit and adding to the products durability. The only outside purchased parts are the TSA approved locks
  • While Aleon cases are substantially lower in cost then other aluminum brands there is no sacrifice in quality or durability. The lower cost is reflective of how the cases are designed, manufactured and assembled.
  • Aleon? cases are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum assuring the products long life.
  • Aleon? cases are designed to make any repair needed quickly, thereby any needed a repair is more efficient, taking less time and at a lower cost.
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.6 in 6.7 in 17.7 in
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