Luggage Size

How to decide on the size of your suitcase?

Anyone who has ever traveled – whether it be by plane, train, bus, or car – knows that space comes in short supply and if you need extra, it will cost you. For this reason, it's important to know precisely the right size of luggage so that you don't end up paying a higher price unnecessarily, but will still not fall short of what you truly require.

But how do you gauge how much room you really need and what size luggage will provide that necessary space? To start, ask yourself how long you will be travelling.

The length of your trip will identify two key issues: the amount that you will be bringing with you and how much money will have been budgeted for the trip. Though there is no single guide that can tell you precisely how much room you'll require for your unique traveling needs, the following is a suitcase size guideline for the average traveler:

• Trip between 1 and 2 days long, choose a 18" to 22" Carry On
• Trip between 3 and 5 days long, choose a 23" to 26" Medium Check In
• Trip between 5 and 7 days long, choose a 27" to 31" Large Check In

Naturally, the size and number of bags that you'll need will vary depending on what you'll be doing, where you'll be traveling, and what additional personal needs you may have. For example, if you will be bringing a laptop or sports equipment with you, then you will likely need a second piece of luggage to contain them.

After a certain point, it is usually considered to be better to carry two smaller pieces of luggage than one oversized one. Make sure that you learn the restrictions applied by any rail or airline you may be using. This will help you to avoid additional fees for bringing a bag that is too large or heavy. That said, you should also look into the number of bags that you are permitted. Most travel lines will allow at least one piece of luggage to be carried on and one to be checked, but you will want to look into the regulations to make certain that you won't be stuck with any surprise charges.

Remember to invest in some good quality luggage. This will ensure that you will be working with a design and layout that will let you get the most out of a small amount of space. The more you can comfortably pack in your bags, the smaller and fewer the pieces you'll need to carry.