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Tips for Traveling in the Time of COVID-19

by Judy Morabia 16 Dec 2021
An image inside a car with the maps app on a phone. Preparing for post covid travel.

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Being able to move freely throughout the world was taken for granted prior to COVID-19, but with the rollout of vaccines, dreams of resuming travel are becoming closer to reality. Although the virus is still a part of life, there are ways to travel safely. And, as Zenbusiness shares, some time off from a busy job is crucial for stress relief, especially if you’re an overburdened small business owner.


Check out the following guidance for getting back out onto the road and into the world.


Choose Outdoor Destinations

Science shows that the virus is least likely to spread when people are outside, so choose a destination that will offer a lot of outdoor, open-air activities. If you’re staying stateside due to international travel restrictions, national parks are a great option.


National parks are located throughout the United States and boast some of the most gorgeous landscapes on Earth. Travel to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming to enjoy stunning peaks and lakes with countless recreational activities to choose from, including climbing and kayaking.


See for yourself the wonder of the Grand Canyon, home to formations over 1 billion years old. Hike one of the numerous trails along the canyons, or schedule a river rafting trip to experience the Colorado River firsthand.


If national parks are less your speed than relaxing ocean views, head to Sonoma and enjoy all the beauty of the California coast. In addition to the beach, Sonoma offers horseback riding, golfing and world-famous wine tasting.


Follow Protocols

Although some protocols like indoor mask-wearing and keeping distance between other people and your party are widespread, many places have more specific guidelines they’re asking visitors to follow. Many European countries, for example, are requiring international visitors to provide proof of vaccination before they’re allowed entry.


Restaurants, museums and other tourist attractions may be limiting the number of visitors they’re granting access to at any given time or requiring tickets in advance. Do your research when planning to make sure that you can adhere to the guidelines to ensure there aren’t any unfortunate missteps on your trip that disrupt your vacation or leave you stranded.


Pack Accordingly

Traveling in the time of COVID-19 may have you reaching to include some unconventional items for your travel bags. Investing in a digital thermometer is a good move as many places are taking temperatures before allowing entrance. Being able to gauge your temperature on your own ahead of time saves you the inconvenience of being denied entry upon arrival.


Likewise, if your mode of travel allows, pack sanitizing items such as hand sanitizer, wet wipes and face masks so you know you’ll have access to them. If possible, get a contactless credit card or set up a means of paying directly from your phone, such as Apple Pay, so that you limit the spreading of germs every time you purchase something.


Pocket wireless routers allow you to take a WiFi connection with you so you can stay connected even when you are out of normal internet service. These are especially great for outdoor activities like hiking and biking as they can give you the reassurance that you can keep on track and get help if you need it. Travel bag sets such as the Nonstop New York 3-Piece Luggage Set from Luggage Online come with carry-on bags that feature two exterior USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices on the go. Remember to also swap out a fashionable phone case for a more durable option, and update your screen protector if it’s cracked.


COVID may still be here, but with the right planning and precautions, you can travel safely. Focus on outdoor activities, understand safety protocols for your points of travel and pack a bag that will keep you safe and connected while you get back to enjoying the wide, wonderful world. And if you need to purchase a high-quality piece of luggage, be sure to shop at Luggage Online for the latest deals in luggage and accessories!

Guest Blogger: Alexis Hall 

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