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Holiday Travel Tips



Traveling during the holidays is one of the most stressful times to walk the airports. Everyone is on edge praying they get to their final destination on time for the holiday festivities. Airport staff is at a minimum and lines are significantly longer. Do your best to stay in the holiday spirit and be prepared with some of the tips we share below. 

Holiday Travel Do's

  • Fly Carry On Only...

    • Avoid the risk of lost luggage

    • Avoid large crowds by the baggage claim

    • Maximize space in your carry on and wear your heaviest items (sweaters, winter coats, etc) on the plane. 

  • Travel date and time matter...

    • Non peak days have less crowds & better price! 

    • Early morning or last flight out are your best option. Mid day flights end up with delays and long lines. 

    • Consider flying on the holiday for the best deal; most travelers have already arrived to their final destination. 

Holiday Travel Don'ts

  • Don't purchase airfare last Minute...

    • Avoid stopovers as there is a much higher risk of delay.

    • Avoid the higher cost

  • Don't travel with gifts...

    • TSA may ask you to unwrap the gifts

    • Gifts take up too much space in your luggage

    • Purchase gifts online and ship directly to the final destination. 

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