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Tumi, Inc.

Since 1975, Tumi has provided professionals and travelers with the highest quality luggage and accessories available. Tumi is recognized as the world’s leading brand of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories. The quality of Tumi luggage comes from a commitment to design excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation. Luggage Online has hundreds of products from the extensive Tumi collections, from laptop bags and briefcases to travel and leisure luggage. Shop online and save on the world’s premium luggage brand.

TUMI has a total commitment to design excellence. From the largest Wheel-A-Way packing case to the smallest accessory. Tumi products are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding traveler. Luggage Online is proud to offer a great selection of Tumi luggage, briefcases, laptop cases, bags, handbags and accessories. Tumi: Named after the god and current symbol of Peru, Tumi began its illustrious history as the worlds foremost travel brand in 1975. Known for its excellent technical and design innovation, it is recognized as the world’s leading travel luxury brand for professionals and frequent travelers. Its unsurpassed functional superiority and longevity have catapulted Tumi into the stratosphere of elite luggage brands.


Tumi has been making professional and traveler bags for the last 35 years. The manufacturer company was founded by Charlie Clifford, in 1975. He served in the Peace Corps in South America. While there, he became somewhat familiar with the Inca Gods and their history.

The name of the company is derived from a sacrificial ceremonial axe. It was used to sacrifice a llama to the Gods. After the sacrifice, the Gods assured the fertility of the land. Aside from sacrifices, the Tumi axe had many other uses. In modern Peru, the Tumi axe is a symbol of good luck. It has become a national symbol for Peruvian tourism.  

Tumi’s founder was in love with Peruvian crafts. He left his marketing job to start a business in South America. At the time, he sold mostly leather bags. Clifford owns the success of his manufacturer company to innovative design and predicting the trends. In the 1970s, the hippies loved handcrafted leather. The first Tumi bag ever made sold for $50.  

Since its humble beginning, Tumi has been making bags that combine design and performance. In the 1980s, Tumi produced mostly soft, nylon travel bags. In the 1990s, the company added wheeled luggage and business cases to its inventory. Now, Tumi makes travel bags for both business travelers and tourists. A good number were designed by Dror Benshetrit. These bags were made to expand and contract to different sizes.

In 1997, Tumi became an international brand. It now has 183 retail stores in 65 countries. The most important ones are found in Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and London. Its headquarters is located in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

Tumi Leadership


Jerome Griffith became Tumi’s CEO in 2009. He previously worked as the President of Esprit North and South America. He has also worked with Esprit Holdings, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Lord & Taylor. He is also a second degree black belt. He has 20 years of experience working in major retail companies in Europe and America.

Even before he joined the company, Griffith loved the Tumi bag. He liked best Tumi’s ballistic Nylon. Whenever he went to his dojo, he would carry a Tumi bag made of this material. The bags were perfect for carrying his kendo equipment. He has been using Tumi bags since 1997.


Michael J. Mardy joined Tumi in 2003. He previously worked as the EVP of Finance and Administration. He also worked as CFO of Keystone Foods. He also had an administrative role in Nabisco Biscuit Company and Coopers & Lybrant. He was brought to the Tumi Company to help it recover from the 40% drop in sales, after 9/11. It was thanks to his advice that Tumi today sells travel accessories.

Product Info

Tumi prides itself in its attention to detail. Each product is made from custom designed parts. This company also has a wide selection of designs and styles for its bags. Tumi brings out news products on a regular basis. In the future, it plans to make a brand focused on active wear. 

These new bags will help people who exercise often. Tumi also plans to make men’s accessories like cuff links and belts. These accessories are geared to meet the needs of male business travelers. Tumi has also made business and laptop cases.

Following the will of its founder, Tumi never maintains a fixed design. Its travel bags are always evolving, changing. Tumi has never copied from any other company. Whatever you buy in Tumi, will always be unique. Tumi has patented 125 designer products. The company has won many awards from top consumer and lifestyle publications.

Core Collections

Its core collections were designed 35 years ago. The collections have been evolving as the style changes. These classical collections are Alpha, Alpha Bravo Vapor and Voyageur. These collections focus mainly on functionality. These travel bags will be usable for many years. The names of this collection are derived from military Code Words.

Alpha Collection

The Alpha bag is made from ballistic nylon. It is a tough synthetic fabric. This makes it resistant to wear and tear. Other bags are made of Nappa Leather. This leather is made from a kid cow or a calf lamb. This gives it a soft, smooth feel. The colors of these leather bags are chrome tanned. The Alpha collection comes in both business and travel styles. 

Alpha Bravo Collection

The Alpha Bravo is a newer collection. The bags have a more relaxed, casual look. This collection targets a new generation of Tumi buyers. The Alpha Bravo bags are multi-purposes. These bags still retain some of their martial look, as noted in the usual colors. The usual colors are black, dark green and brown.

Vapor Collection

The Vapor collection does away with all classical designs. This makes them the most innovative Tumi collection. This collection won an award. It is both unique, while still maintaining its functionality. The bags tend to be lightweight. The hard side is made with ABS/polycarbonate case protection. This makes the bags impact resistant.  It is also resistant to high heat and cold. It handles temperature fluctuations rather well. This material also protects the bag from humidity. These travel bags come in either two or four wheel designs.

Voyageur Collection

This collection also focuses on lightweight travel bags. However, this one uses nylon fabrics with Vachetta leather trim. This leather is usually left untreated. This makes it more susceptible to water and stains. The upside is the versatility of the trims. Its weakness to water makes it easier to work with. This material allows for a wide range of leather colors. Using this trim, allows this collection to come in Seasonal colors. It also allows for better attention to detail.

Newer Collections

The newer collections focus on first class and business travel. It combines the styling of both Voyageur and Alpha collections. These collections appeal to a wide range of consumers from all over the world. Tumi analyzes the lifestyle of each country to design bags that appeal to the global consumer. This is done while maintaining Tumi’s characteristic look of professionalism and gracefulness. Of these new collections the most popular ones are T-Tech, Bedford, Villa and Arrive.

T-Tech Collection

T-Tech was designed for urban warriors. It has everything an urban traveler might need. It is focused on functionality and maneuverability. It is both lightweight and it has 4 wheels. These wheels help the bag glide with ease, over any urban terrain. The luggage also comes with hard sides. This makes T-Tech resistant to strikes.

Bedford Collection

The Tumi Bedford collection focuses on slim bags. These bags are made from ballistic nylon and trimmed leather. Both the inside and out have zipper pockets. The bag’s strap is also detachable. This collection was designed to protect your electronics. It has dedicated pockets for your phone, card and pen. This collection is ideal for business travelers.

Villa Collection

This collection was designed for women travelers. It is composed bags and wallets. Its design is both sophisticated and feminine. The colors of these bags are seasonal. The leather trims are quite durable. The shoulder straps mold to the natural shape of your shoulder. It has been described often as the idea “mom” bag.

Arrive Collection

The Arrive bags focus on functionality. It uses the most advance Tumi technology to make highly durable travel bags. The slimmer cases allow travelers to pack their laptops and paper in their bags. It has many accessory pouches and organizer pockets. The coloring is both sleek and stainless. The fabric is resistant to both wear and tear. It is designed for the modern traveler who values quality and function above all else.

Brand Values

Tumi is committed to creating premium products. It is focuses on design, function and innovation. Tumi understands that to succeed in the global market, it must adhere to higher standards. It is committed to social awareness and it works hard to give back to the community. All of its local affiliates give back to the communities. On the corporate level, Tumi works with various organizations to improve health, welfare and reduce the environmental impact of their activities. Tumi also donates often to Breast Cancer Research and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Tumi also helps the arts. It has promoted the artwork of international artist like Sculptor Anish Kapoor, the painter John “Cash” Matos, and the photographer Matthew Modine. Tumi also donates money to the Peace Corps, in honor of its founder. In 1999, Tumi created Tumi Tracer. This program helps identify and recover lost or stolen items. Each bag has a unique electronic bar code. If your luggage ever gets lost, Tumi can help track it for you.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 came into effect in January 1, 2012. This law was passed in California. It aims to increase the amount of information relating the supply chains. The purpose is to eradicate slavery and human trafficking. This will help consumers decide whether they want to buy products from companies that use human trafficking.

Tumi has zero tolerance for forced labor, human trafficking and child labor. It has created a program to monitor the supply chains and affiliates. This is done to prevent or punish anyone that violates this Act. Every so often, Tumi conducts audits of its suppliers to make certain they meet with the company’s standards.

Suppliers must sign “Standards of Engagement”. This one is modeled on the international human rights law. When signing, suppliers and distributors are forbidden from using forced labor or child labor.

Tumi’s Corporate Responsibility

Tumi maintains a high code of ethics. The company cares about the needs of their employees. It maintains a flexible approach when working in other countries. In addition, Tumi maintains safe working conditions, fair payment, and other beneficial programs. Employees are always treated with the respect and dignity every human deserves.

Associates and Employers are also expected to abide by this code of ethics. When operating, Tumi takes care to abide by the law of the country it resides. No person is ever discriminated against based on their gender or beliefs.

Corporate Giving

Tumi regularly donates to various organizations. The main ones are Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Clinton Bush Fund and Global Giving. It also gives funds to reliefs efforts were disasters occur. Tumi also matches the contributions given by its associates.

It also participates in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness program. Tumi designed for them pink products to be sold on October. The profits were then donated to Susan G. Komen or the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In 2004, Tumi participated in St. Jude’s the “Thanks and the Giving” campaign. This campaign asked consumers to give thanks for the healthy kids. St. Jude also wanted people to give to those who were still sick. Via its retails stores, Tumi asked costumers to donate to St. Jude.

Environmental Concerns

Tumi knows that its bags have an environmental footprint. With its associates, this company tries to reduce its impact in the environment. This is done without sacrificing the quality of the product. The company asked Pratt Institute Center for Sustainable Design Studies to help Tumi reduce its carbon footprint.

As of now, all shopping bags are recyclable. Tumi also recycles printer paper, cardboard boxes, metals and plastic bags from their distribution centers. Its sources of leather come from farms that do not contribute to rainforest deforestation. Tumi also tries to lower the water used in the tanning process.


For the first year, any damage your Tumi suffers will be covered. Tumi will repair wear and tear damages, airlines and other transit damages. This company will pay for shipping cost to and from the repair facility. If the product is damaged beyond repair, Tumi will replace it. If the product no longer exists, the company will give you a new one of equal value.

Tumi will not cover damages done on purpose. It will not repair scratched leather or stained fabrics. It will not cover damage to or loss of bag content. From the second year, to the fifth year Tumi will repair defective items, like zippers or locks. Damage done while the bag was in transit should get filed against the carrier.

Most of the damages can be fixed in your local Tumi retail. This will help you save in your processing fee. The Warranty only applies to Tumi products purchased from an approved Tumi store or dealer. You can also call 800.781.8864. The operator will direct you to an authorized Tumi Repair Center. You will need proof of purchase to get your travel bag repaired. For that reason, travelers should keep all their receipts.

You can also fill the Repair Request Form in their home page. All information you provide will be confidential. Once Tumi gets your email, they will respond with a repair number and the address to a proper repair facility.

If you need replacement parts, you can buy them at a Tumi store. The replacement parts vary greatly. You can replace the shoulder strap, the luggage tag, the lock box, the garment cover and the door hook. You can buy replacement parts for most of the Tumi bags.

Cleaning and Caring

Tumi has created two products to help with the cleaning and caring of your luggage. The Tumi Nylon Fabric Refresher removes stain and dirt. Owners must use a soft, damp cloth with the refresher to clean the Nylon bags. For leather, you can use Tumi Leather Conditioner. It is used to clean, protect and polish leather products.

This product is not good for all kinds of leather. It is not recommended for exotic leathers, Emiline leather, suede and nubuck. Just to be safe, you should try the conditioner on a small section before using it on the whole bag. It is advised that you polish your new bag before using it. It is the best way of keeping it safe. Both these sprays cost $6.


Tumi offers monogramming services in most of its travel and business products. You can have up to three letters in your monograph. Most of the monographed products are from the Alpha and Alpha Bravo collection. The monographed will be placed in the outside. Some bags will have a leather patch for you to monograph.

There are also wallets available for you to have monograph. Your initials will be located in the interior section of the wallet. The monographs come in two designs. You can have a blind stamp. This one simply punches in the letters, without any color. You can also use the bolder print technique. Tumi has its own unique red color ink for its monographs.

The monographing usually takes time. Costumers should wait at least, 2 to 4 additional business days for their bag. The monograph does not cost any extra money. Once your product gets monographed; it cannot be returned or exchanged.

Tumi Q and A

Q. What is Tumi’s approach to design?

A. Tumi works with refined materials and pays attention to details. The company wants someone to pick up a product and love it. Not only does Tumi work on the look, but they pay attention to the feel of the product. Tumi wants people to like how the bag feels to the touch. This is most evident on leather products. The head designer wants products to have a unique personality.

Q. What challenges in design does Tumi try to overcome?

A. Tumi is always dealing with technology and airline restrictions. Most of the variables are out of Tumi’s control. This company designs bags to account for all eventualities. A good example is Tumi’s Tegra-Lite collection. It is the lightest, strongest travel cases. The company did a lot of research to find the strongest, most lightweight materials to build the cases. This led Tumi to use Tegris material.

Tegris is a thermoplastic material which is indestructible. It is used in NFL protective gear and lifesaving armors. Tumis has the exclusive right to use this material in travel accessories. No other company will be able to use Tegris to make luggage. This company also created a new way of applying color and pattern to the Tegris material.

Q. Is Tumi a trustworthy company? Do they even have a BBB rating?

A. As of now, Tumi is not accredited in the Better Business Bureau. Still, the company has a B rating. Since the founding of BBB, Tumi has only had 7 complains. The rest have been positive reviews.

Q. How does Tumi’s creative team work? How do they keep making unique designs?

A. Tumi’s team really does love travel bags. The idea sessions starts with conversations about what the team members’ love about art, furniture and cars. They draw inspiration from things of the real world and adapt it to travel bags. A lot of brands avoid getting out of their designers box. For that reason, their products always look more or less the same. Tumi is not like them. This company pushes the envelope with innovation.

Q. What is the main inspiration behind all Tumi luggage?

A. Tumi is always inspired by military travel bags. This is combined with urban colors and materials. Like an army bag, Tumi bags are designed to carry everything a traveler could possibly need.

Q. What is so good about Tumi Luggage? Is it just an overpriced bag?

A. The price represents the quality of the work. Since Tumi has plenty of custom parts, the price increases. If you want to buy a tough, durable bag, then Tumi is the brand for you. These bags are ideal for people who travel often. These bags are known to resist damage for up to 12 years. If you are looking for quality, then look no further.

Q. Where can you buy Tumi bags, at a decent price?

A. Luggage Online sells Tumi bags at a discount price. The quality of the products is guaranteed. The Tumi Lincoln bags are relatively cheap and they can store more items.

Q. What makes Tumi garment bags so good?

A. Tumi garments are long lasting.  Travelers who use them every week have noticed that the Tumi bags still looks brand new, even after 2 years. You won’t need to buy a new bag for up to 10 years. Tumi’s garment bags are both durable and dependable.

Q. When are Tumi products usually sent?

A. The Tumi products are usually shipped during regular business days. These days are Monday through Friday. It excludes Federal Holidays within the United States. Each product tells you how many days it will take to get shipped. You can also select Overnight shipping.


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