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Samsonite Luggage

People hear luggage and they immediately think Samsonite. It’s no accident that Samsonite luggage is the iconic global leader in the travel and baggage accessories market -- the company has earned its reputation by consistently delivering the highest quality suitcases and bags available. Samsonite offers over 100 years of innovative style and dependability through an extraordinary catalog of luggage, casual bags, backpacks, laptop bags and more.

Since 1910, Samsonite luggage has provided almost a century of baggage design technology, style, and functionality. The company was started to provide turn-of-the-century travelers with an alternative to heavy, awkward trunks; lightweight luggage was the result. The heart of that mission still hasn’t changed. Today, Samsonite luggage provides the turn-of-the-millennium traveler with baggage options to meet their changing needs.

Samsonite is always researching, developing, and observing to help discover precisely what travelers need and want out of their travel experience and how careful changes to their luggage can help to achieve those goals. In fact, Samsonite is often able to anticipate the desire of tomorrow’s travelers before that time arrives – always staying one step ahead of the game.

With Samsonite luggage’s many sub-brands, they can make sure to provide you with anything you need, from backpacks to wheeled luggage, briefcases to leather luggage, luggage sets to individual designer luggage pieces, and everything in between.

One of the most recognizable and household names in the luggage industry today, Samsonite is a world leader in innovation, accessibility, and functionality. Made from high-tech hard-side plastics or durable fabrics in classic colors, this iconic brand has built its reputation on confidence and reliability. Its sturdy construction and simple, but organized and functional design make Samsonite the one of America’s favorite travel brands. One of the most recognizable and household names in the luggage industry today, Samsonite is a world leader in innovation, accessibility, and functionality. Made from high-tech hard-side plastics or durable fabrics in classic colors, this iconic brand has built its reputation on confidence and reliability. Its sturdy construction and simple, but organized and functional design make Samsonite the one of America’s favorite travel brands. You can carry your clothing, documents, school supplies, laptop, personal items, and everything else you need to enjoy your vacation, commute, or other form of travel, as long as you’ve got Samsonite luggage on your side.

Samsonite offers style with each and every piece. Samsonite luggage is made of quality materials such as elegant leathers and sturdy nylons, as well as an assortment of patterns and looks from which to choose. You’ll find the luggage to represent your style and purpose, and you’ll know that its classic appearance will last you for years to come, without becoming dated or unappealing.

Luggage Online has an extensive range of Samsonite luggage sets and pieces from which to choose. Take a moment to look around and find exactly what you need for your next trip away from home. One of the most recognizable and household names in the luggage industry today, Samsonite is a world leader in innovation, accessibility, and functionality. Made from high-tech hard-side plastics or durable fabrics in classic colors, this iconic brand has built its reputation on confidence and reliability. Its sturdy construction and simple, but organized and functional design make Samsonite the one of America’s favorite travel brands.

Samsonite International S.A.


Samsonite is a multinational luggage manufacturer and retailer. Its products range from large suitcases, to small toiletries bags. The Company was founded by Jesse Schwayder in 1910. He started his company in Denver, Colorado. This makes Samsonite an all American luggage manufacturer. Over the years, Samsonite became an international brand.

Originally, the company was known as Schwayder Truck Manufacturing Company. The first luggage Schwayder ever made was called Samson. He chose the name because he was a religious man. He claimed his first bag was as strong as Samson.

In 1941, the Samson luggage bags evolved into Samsonite. The Nite part alluded to kryptonite. This made it seem like the luggage bags were made of a unique element. The company changed its name to Samsonite in 1966. Aside from luggage, the early Samsonite Company sold many other things. In 1966, Samsonite Furniture Co. sold folding chairs and car tables. This subsidiary was hosted in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

In the 60s, Samsonite also manufactured and distributed Lego toys. This was Albert H. Reckler’s idea. He was the head of Military and Export sales in the luggage division. He thought it would be a good idea to sell Legos in the US. He was instrumental into making Legos popular in the US. Samsonite sold Lego pieces under a Danish parent firm. This company’s Lego years in America ended in 1972. There was a licensing dispute which prohibited Samsonite from selling Legos in the US. Samsonite outgrew its Lego phase in 1986. By then only Legos was allowed to sell Legos. Regardless, the money made from the Legos helped Samsonite became a famous luggage brand in both the US and Canada.

In 1973, the Schwayder family sold Samsonite to Beatrice Foods. In June 23, 1985, Samsonite was used to carry a bomb. This bag was carried on board Air Indiana Flight 182.  This flight was traveling over the Atlantic Ocean, in the South of Ireland. When the bomb exploded, all 329 passengers and the crew died.

Samsonite’s Denver Factory used to employ 4000 workers at its peak. It closed in May 2001. Samsonite moved from Denver to Mansfield, Massachusetts. It changed ownership in May 2005. The new owner was Marcello Bottoli. He was the former chief executive of Louis Vuitton. He tried to save the Samsonite Company but failed.

In July 2007, CVC Capital Partners Ltd. became Samsonite’s the 5th owner. The company had to file for bankruptcy in September 2, 2009. It had close up half its stores and discontinued some Black Label brands in the US. In June 2011, Samsonite was sold at a public auction in Hong Kong for 1.25 billion US dollars.

The news owners managed to save Samsonite. In 2013, Samsonite revealed its plans to sell luggage at $50 for emerging markets like China and India. These days, most of Samsonite’s hard luggage is manufactured in Nashik, India.

Samsonite Leadership

CEO - Timothy Charles Parker

Global COO - Ramesh Taiwala

CFO - Kyle Gendreau


The Samsonite is known all over the world. In 2010, it had more than 37,000 key sales in over 100 countries. This brand now has a strong international presence. The brand is especially popular in Asia. The costs have been kept low thanks to outsourcing. It moved from being a manufacturer to a distributer and marketer of luggage designed by the Samsonite.

Samsonite focuses the strength and durability of their travel bags. The company has been trying to lower the costs of production to make Samsonite more accessible to tourists. Aside from luggage, Samsonite has started making its own business bags, casual bags and accessories.

The hard side luggage is still made by Samsonite. This company has not found a stable supply of key components. Samsonite also does not trust much third party suppliers.  It is estimated that Samsonite may have to increase its prices. The labor and the raw materials costs also have been increasing.

Samsonite Product Info

Samsonite has been the world’s top luggage brand for a century. This business owns its success to building confidence with the consumer. When you buy a Samsonite, you can be certain that a Wheel won’t come out. It combines both durability and style.

Samsonite New Collections

Samsonite Cosmolite

Cosmolite was first launched in 2008. It has a groundbreaking design known for both quality and style. It was made using Curv material created by Samsonite. It is strong and light. This luggage was made in Europe by Samsonite’s luggage engineers. This was the first time Samsonite ever used this material on a travel bag.

Curv is an impact resistant, lightweight material. It is the same material used in ice hockey skates, shin guards and body armor. This material was combined with Samsonite’s shell forming process. The special mold gives it unparalleled strength. The Cosmolite has sold more than 1.3 million units worldwide. It is the bestselling collection in Europe.

The case has light weight integrated wheels. It has an ergonomics flat carry handle. This gives Cosmolite its great maneuverability. The bag comes with an ID tag and a 3 digit combination lock. It was approved by TSA providers. The interior has cross ribbons and side pockets. It also comes with a mesh divider. This divider acts like an internal cushion which protects all your valuables.

The size of the bag is cabin compliant. It still has more volume for all your things. It comes in different shapes and sizes. This collection appeals to both business and leisure travelers.  Cosmolite was also featured in a 2013 add campaign. It was called “Enjoy Every Second” with a Samsonite luggage at your side. This video bellow shows every travel moment, with your Samsonite luggage.

Lite Locked

This travel bag combines locking with Curv technology. This is the first travel bag to have a powerful three key locking system. The locking system was launched in 1986. It has been continuously used and upgraded over the past 30 years. This is the lightest, most secure Samsonite bag ever created. This new bag comes in three lovely colors. They are Black, Navy Blue and Off White.

Pop Fresh

The pop fresh collection has a variety of suitcase and 4 travel bags. It has a unique 3-fold suitcase. The suitcase allows you to check on your items easily. It is keeps you belongings finely organized. It has a super light structure. The integrated handles give the suitcase strength where it is needed the most. These bags come in Aqua Blue, Black, Red, Green, Grey, and Imperial Blue.

Pro-DLX 4tm

This collection was made for the business traveler. It is a new generation of Samsonite business collection. These travel bags are lighter than ever. It has more features that its predecessors. These bags have improved quality and organization. It meets the demands of the frequent business traveler. The bags are protected by nappa leather accents. It has a patented honey comb structure. It has a TSA lock with cable closure. This gives it extra security. It also has padded laptop and tablet compartments.  This new collection comes in either Black or Tabaco color.


The Triforce Collection gives optimal protection. Samsonite used a new protection system in the outside of the luggage and bag segments. It was inspired by sports and technical accessories. It is has shock absorbing air bag inlays. It also has thick foam padding. It has 3 laptop protection systems. It is also well organized. It also has a universal tablet cases.

Older Collections


Aeris is a fashionable travel case. It is designed to be aerodynamic. It has a unique Samsonite patterned texture. It is made of lightweight polypropylene. This case is known for having vibrant colors. Recently, Samsonite added Blue, Lemon, Purple and Green colored casing. The bags come with the 3 digit TSA locking system. The handles and the wheels are made of aluminum. This makes them extra light and powerful. The interior has cross ribbons dividers. It has a divider pad, with zipper pockets. 

Short Lite

Short lite Collection is best known for its lightweight. It also has great organization. Every model comes with a well-organized, detailed interior.  Recently, Short-Lite Collection has added a new cabin Upright model. It also has 2 new expandable checks-in spinner sides. The colors available are Aqua Green, Blue, Plum and Grey.

All Direxions

These are budget friendly luggage. They look cute and are lightweight. The Puppy colors give this collection its own unique identity. It also helps them stand out in the conveyor belt. Recently, this collection added a new Upright 50 centimeter cabin. It meets the requirements of many low cost airline cabins. Despite its cheap price, Samsonite guarantees that this collection is of prime quality.


The Ergo Biz collection is both strong and organized. It has a new opening system. It was inspired by the gull wing doors from the Mercedes cars. This gives the case a unique shape and comfortable access. This bag is perfect for business professionals. It has removable cable pouch. It also has soft touch Ipad compartment. These business bags come only in black.

Network 2tm

Network 2 is the new and improved Network Collection. It keeps the same soft, slim and light feel. Recently, Samsonite added due tone polyester to this Collection. This gives the Network bag new, richer colors. It also has a new logo and features. It has a more contemporary look. It is perfect for young professional travelers and students. It fits all the new laptop sizes and Ultra books. This collection also has two new colors. They are Aqua Green and Royal Purple. Both are available for a limited time, only.

Social Compliance

Samsonite works hard to make certain that the supply chain reflects the values of the company. Samsonite makes suppliers treat their workers fairly. The suppliers are expected to make a safe and healthy working environment for their workers. Suppliers must also protect the environment in which they operate.

Via Samsonite’s Social Compliance Program, this company prevents child labor, forced labor and human trafficking.  At random, Samsonite conducts onsite audits of its suppliers. Samsonite also has third parties perform audits of the suppliers. Samsonite also encourages open communication. The employees and workers can suggest ways to improve health, safety and the environment. 


Quality Assurance

Samsonite is always being tested for performance. The tests are conducted with the travel bags full. It has the tightest quality standards control in the Luggage industry. Before any product is sold, it gets tested for strength, dependability and durability. This Quality control is the reason why Worldproof brand has been made for the last 100 years.

Limited Global Warranty

Samsonite will either fix or replace products with manufacturing defects. This is depended on the warranty provided in location it was purchase. It only applies to the first purchaser or gift recipient. This is a lifetime guarantee to fix manufacturing errors. It does not cover damages caused by misuse, neglect or accidents.

When having your product fixed, do not need to send it to Samsonite directly. Rather, take it to any Service Center in the World. You will be responsible for the shipping, packing and applicable taxes. Depending on the warranty, you will be told if the product gets repaired or replaced. If your type of Samsonite no longer exists, then it will get substituted with a similar Samsonite bag.

The same thing applies to Samsonite’s limited 3 Year and 10 Year Global Warranty. To locate a Service Center Anywhere in the world, you can call: 1-800-262-8282.

Business cases, casual bags and travel accessories must be taken to be repaired in the store where you bought them.  If you cannot return it to the original store, then you can visit a Samsonite store or dealer close to you. You can also have the product shipped.

Repair Policy

Customers can also buy replacement parts through Samsonite’s Costumer Relations. You can buy new keys for your hard luggage, Padlocks for Soft side luggage, ID Tags, and Detachable shoulder straps. These are also other replacement parts you can buy. To order replacement parts, you can call 1-800-262-8282. This service is only available Monday Through Friday. Some Samsonite Retailers also sell replacement parts.

Cleaning and Caring for your Samsonite


Hardsides should be cleaned with a gentle soap and warm water. You should rinse it well. After cleaning it, you can wax your case, if you like. Samsonite recommends silicone base car or furniture polish. This will help preserve the case’s luster. The polisher will add to the resistance Covering. You should not clean your luggage with a combination of cleaner and polish. This will ruin the paint of your Hardside luggage.


The softsides must be spot cleaned with dish soap and water. If it does not get cleaned, you will need to use a spot removal for clothing. A good spot removal would be Spray n’ Wash. Other foam cleaners will work just as well. If the luggage gets a funny odor, then clean it with vinegar and water mixture. The luggage should be aired a few days after the mixture gets applied. Samsonite also recommends placing charcoal inside the bag for a few more days. After placing the charcoal close the bag. The charcoal should absorb the smell.


Humidity tends to age your luggage. If you store your bag in the attic or basement, take it out of storage every so often. Let it air at least once a month. This will keep mildew from forming. All cases come with storage instructions. It’s recommended it that you clean your luggage before and after storing it away.

Gift Cards

Samsonite also lets you buy gift cards. These cards can only be purchased inside the store. The value ranges from $5 to $500. These cards are not available for online purchases. The gift cards are only valid in Samsonite Company store in the US. These cards cannot be bought online.

Gifts card bought in other countries are only usable in the Samsonite stores of that country. Therefore, a gift card bought in the US will be useless in Canada. The gifts cards never expire. They are also not subjected to taxes. If you wish to order more than 25 gifts card, call 1.800.765.BAGS.

Samsonite’s Shipping Policy

When an order gets processed, Samsonite cannot upgrade or change shipping. If the order gets delayed then contact Samsonite by email. Samsonite uses a varsity of carriers. It will use the most appropriate depending on the order you placed. Some carriers may require someone to sign for your shipment. The shipping costs depend on the value of the order. Samsonite has Standard, Expedited and Priority shipment. Standard Shipment costs from $6 to $18. Priority shipment costs from $35 to $45. 

Samsonite Q and A

Q. Does Samsonite have a mobile app for ipad, iPhone or android?

A. Samsonite does have a mobile app for those mobile devices. You can get them in the URLs bellow. These Apps track the miles you traveled. It unlocks badges and helps you compete for fabulous prices. The log records all your travel by car, plane, boat or public transportation. The Samsonite Travel Miles app will also draw the miles you travel in a world map. You can share this map with your friends.

With this app, you can see the Cabin luggage sizes of major airports. It also gives you the airline contact numbers. It also locates Samsonite dealers and repair centers. The badges and gifs are earned by tracking the miles you traveled. They can only be collected in Europe.

Samsonite Apple App

Samsonite Android App

Q. Does Samsonite sell luggage in Amazon?

A. Samsonite does sell its luggage in Amazon. It also does affiliate program via their Amazon account.

Q. Does Samsonite Ship to other counties? If so, which countries do they ship to?

A. Samsonite does not do international shipments. They only accept international orders if the items are going to be sent to the United States. Some States require extra shipment cost, like Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Q. Does the Samsonite store accept Paypal?

A. Samsonite does not accept Paypal.

Q. Aside from luggage, what else does Samsonite sell?

Samsonite sells business cases and laptop cases and sleeves. Samsonite also sells all kinds of backpacks. Their accessories are also quite varied. You can buy Samsonite adapters and converters, cosmetic kits, travel pillows and umbrellas.

Q. What is the consumer feedback on Samsonite? Does this company gets blogged or reviewed often?

A. Most Samsonite Costumers like the quality of their luggage. There have been a few complaints for faulty zippers and broken handles. These complaints are due to factory and transit damages. Samsonite has a limited global warranty to deal with these issues. Most of the time, there has been positive reviews.

Q. Does Samsonite have a BBB rating? How trustworthy is this company?

A. Samsonite does not have a BBB accreditation. Still, the company is ranked A plus in the Better Business Bureau. The same can be said of Samsonite’s trademarks and brand names. These tradmarks all have received positive reviews over the year.

Q. Are the new Samsonite better than the traditional models?

A. The new Samsonite models tend to be roomier, than the old models. Those models also have new compartments to help you organize your luggage better.

Q. Why do Samsonite designers strive to give each bag their own “personality”?

A. Today’s consumers want the things they buy to reflect their personality. When they see a Samsonite, they wonder: Is this really me? Keeping this in mind, Samsonite strives to create luggage that appeals to the costumer’s unique personality. In this respect, Samsonite follows the same path as other fashion bags like Prada or Channel.

Q. Why does the new Samsonite luggage have spacing to fit footwear?

A. This was made with the frequent traveler in mind. People who travel often need to carry their shoes. It is problematic if the shoe gets mixed in with your clothing. The main issue is creating a universal pocket that can fit all shoe sizes.

Q. Where does Samsonite draw inspiration for its fashion oriented products?

A. Samsonite has eight design teams. Five of those are in Asia. Sometimes Samsonite invites quests fashion artist to contribute in the making of their new travel bag. Samsonite relays famous fashion designers like Alexander McQueen. Samsonite also uses designs offered by upcoming designers from design institutes. The Red Samsonite bags were designed by young designers.

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