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Knomo’s mission it to create perfect urban bags and accessories designed to blend style and utility to allow you to lead a more interesting life.

…a bag that really works. 

…making bags that you love, rather than tolerate.

Since the inception of knomo in 2004 the exciting revolution of laptops and smartphones was happening so it meant we could be more mobile and independent.

Our search for the perfect modern bag to fit our evolving lifestyle was unsuccessful.

 So our mission became:  Create bags to protect a laptop, hold and organize everything we needed, has great design and looks stylish. A knomo (knowledge + mobility) is designed without compromise for the most discerning user, blending carefully selected leather hides and fabrics. Each bag is handmade and tested to ensure it truly meets the needs (and desires) of its user.

 Knomo Women’s & Men’s business cases were born!

Knomo: Elegant and classically styled, Knomo is all about high-quality, functionality, and liberation. The simple designs in sumptuous leathers and durable fabrics offer customers a seamless addition to their everyday travel needs.

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