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International Traveller, now called IT luggage™, is a purveyor of some of the world’s lightest and most affordable luggage solutions. The goal of all International Traveller luggage is to provide solutions to tomorrow’s traveling problems today, and the privately held company has been doing so since the it was established in 1985.

At the turn of the millennium, International Traveller turned its focus to research and development, resulting in revolutionary innovations, such as expandable hard cases, frameless cases and the lightest luggage in the world. The Ultra-Lightweight line lives up to its name, and Luggage Online offers individual cases and sets of some of International Traveller’s boldest designs. IT Luggage: IT luggage is one of the most successful producers of luggage in the world. With countless new designs to choose from, IT Luggage is never short on options. From their ultra-light hard shell luggage, to the frameless, to the super durable fabric of the Mega Lite, IT Luggage has something for every type of traveler.

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