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  • Delsey Paris Pilot 4.0 Exp. Spinner Carry-On

    Paris Pilot 4.0 Exp. Spinner Carry-On

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  • Delsey Paris Chromium Lite 21-Inch Spinner Carry-On With Expansion

    Paris Chromium Lite 21-Inch Spinner Carry-On With Expansion

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  • Delsey Paris Chromium Lite 25-Inch Spinner Upright With Expansion

    Paris Chromium Lite 25-Inch Spinner Upright With Expansion

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Every 10 seconds, a piece of Delsey Luggage is being purchased. That’s because travelers in France, Bolivia, Thailand and everywhere in between know that Delsey makes travel smart and easy. Each Delsey bag is rigorously tested –dropped continuously, rolled over abrasive surfaces, and made to suffer extreme temperatures and conditions –to ensure quality and durability. Our selection of Delsey bags includes many of their infamous luggage lines such as the Helium and Meridian. Whatever your needs for wherever you’re going, whether it’s a weekend duffel, a tote or a carry on, you can trust that Luggage Online has the Delsey bag to fit your needs. Delsey: Founded in 1946 in Paris and taking its place as a globally recognized luggage brand by 1970, Delsey represents reliability, resiliency and functionality in luggage. With superior quality and enhanced lightweight design, this luggage will elevate your travel experience, whether it be across the street to work, or on an adventure around the world.

Delsey  Brand Luggage Online

The Delsey brand was founded by Emile Delhaye and the Seynhaeve brothers. They founded this French luggage company in 1946. When the company began, Delsey made leather cases for cameras and photography equipment. In 1970, Delsey became a luggage brand. Delsey Airstyle was the first Delsey luggage bag.

Delsey meets the needs of travelers in a world in constantly changing. The brand has been adapting to make more functional, light products. It still maintains the Parisian style and design. It is a brand that is instantly recognized. It has its own unique Delsey look.

Delsey now is found in over 110 countries. It has 6000 active outlets. Its headquarters is in Paris, France. It still has 30% of the luggage market share in France. Delsey also has a strong presence in America. Delsey has won several design awards. This company draws inspiration form fashion and cars.

This year Delsey has two development projects. These projects are Archange and 24H. The Archange is a concept bag. It is designed to be the 21st century luggage bag. The 24H uses both technology and aesthetics. This luggage is made with a linen base and the structure is taken from calf leather.


Delsey follows the EU’s Reach regulation. It is also in compliance with the North American regulations. This means that Delsey keeps very low levels of lead in its products. This company is also making more ecofriendly luggage. It is in the middle of creating PVC free products. Delsey chooses components that can be replaced easily. This lowers the replacement cost.

It has a patented ERS system. This allows easy removal and replacement of wheels. The Green Day collection is made with a fabric created from recycled plastic bottles. This company has also created a more efficient mode of transporting products. This helps lower the shipment cost of their product. It also reduces the carbon footprint of transportation.

Product Info

Delsey is an iconic brand. It is famous for being reliable and innovative. The company has been creating award winning luggage for seven decades. It uses new technology and cutting edge material. It is the favorite luggage brand for Parisian and International women. Its luggage collection is made to reflect the personality of the buyer. It has become an integral part of your wardrobe.

New Collection


This collection will become available this summer. It has a stop and go break system. This will keep your 4 wheelers from drifting away from you. By flipping a switch, your handle gets stuck in place. The bag can still be rolled in the back wheels. This system is useful when going on public transportation. Delsey received an Innovation Award at the 2014 Travel Goods Show for this unique break.


The Archange bag was created in anticipation of future needs. It adapts itself to new uses thanks to its ergonomics function. It is made of carbon, ballistic nylon and aluminum. This makes both resistant and flexible. The central handle improves mobility. This luggage has two faces. It works well for your professional and personal life.

24H Lin Technique

The 24H is the first Delsey briefcase made with natural fiber. It has both resistance and elasticity. The linen was structured by using natural lambskin. This is a limited edition case made in France. It is Natural and elegant. It is the ideal briefcase for professional women.


The Chaumont collection is both flexible and rigid. This makes it quite shock resistant. The compartments are segmented. It is arranged to pack both your clothing and important documents. This collection comes in different sizes. It also has a 4 wheel trolley cases.

Delsey Values

Delsye is dedicated to making certain that luggage does not get in your way. This company strives to make zippers that actually zip. The handles and straps are place in the most convenient locations. The pockets are well designed and placed. The interior feels soft to the touch. It fuses form, with French fashion. Delsey is truly the ideal French luggage brand.


The Enjoleur comes in both black and brown. It is made from natural Italian leather. It is made from a single folded leather piece. It is covered with colored details. This casing collection was designed with a lovely vintage look. It shows contrasting stitches. It will come soon to the US.


This urban luggege collection is a hybrid. It combines flexibility with protection. The hard casing is made with polycarbonate shell. This collection has many different sizes available. This collection has luggage depending on where you want to go. It has travel sizes for your bike, bus or airport. 

Helium X’Pert Lite 2.0

This luggage makes packing really easy. It has a unique warning system that tells you if you over packed. It is currently set to warn you when you exceed the 50 pound weight restriction. This restriction is enforced in most US airlines. The patent for this product is currently pending. It is built into the handle of the case. This system is available in the 25’’ and the 30’’ trolleys of this collection.

Helium Breeze 4.0

This collection has easy access compartment. You can easily access your toiletries, your shoes or a sweater. These compartments can also be used to separate the dirty clothing from the clean ones. It is ideal for people on a return trip. This compartment also folds easily. This is available in all the uprights of this Helium collection.


Delsey is made from quality material. The fabrics undergo rigorous durability tests. These fabrics are approved in both upstream and downstream manufacturing. The hard luggage maintains its shape, even after being dropped 26 times. Products made from polycarbonate and ballistic polyamide get tested for abrasions, discoloration and high temperatures.

International Warranty

The Delsey products have a 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and lifetime warranty. It is protected against material and workmanship defects, since the day it was purchased. You need to register your luggage in order to gain access to the Delsey warranty. This warranty does not covered defects caused by accidents or usage.

If the product needs to be fixed, take it to Luggage Online’s service center. This company is approved to fix Delsey luggages. The return of the product is free. If the product needs to be replacing, the Luggage Online will speak with Delsey. Our service center will give you a new product, indirectly. If the product is no longer available, Delsey will provide a new one of equal value. You are responsible for the shipping costs, packing and taxes. You can also bring it directly to the Luggage Online store.

If the product gets damaged while in transit, you need to file a complaint. You have 30 days to get a refund on a product, damaged while in transit. You can also have it replaced. Within these 30 days, Delsey will pay for the shipping costs. The company will pay for the shipping, even if Delsey believes the warranty does not apply.

Luggage from HONORE has a unique security code. You can register it in RegProtect. This service helps you find your lost luggage. It also helps you get in touch with whoever finds your missing luggage.


Delsey has invested money into innovating new security systems. Its locks ensure a worry free trip. Delsey’s Securi Tech Zip is a patented Zip fastener system. It is 40 times more resistant than standard models. Your luggage can no longer be force opened with a pen. The contents remain protected, even if the fastener fails. Delsey also uses a combination locks and padlocks. These locks add additional protection to Securi Tech Zippers.

Delsey Packing Tips

Delsey advices travelers think before they start packing random things. You should make a list of the essentials. You should keep this list for future references. You also need to account for the length and destination of your trip.

Tourists should not pack total outfits. You should consult the weather forecast of the area, before choosing what to take. You should avoid extravagant outfits like Tuxedos or Prom dresses. These crumble within luggage and show marks. Always focus on the basic. At most, you should take single fancy attire, in case you get invited to a fancy dinner party.

Tourists should prioritize multi-functional articles. Cashmere jackets are good for both cool evenings and air conditioners. Your foldup bag can also be used while shopping. It can also be taken to beach. You should also take tunics. They are good with both day and night attires.

As for shoes, travelers should only take a comfortable pair. This pair should match most of the outfits you plan on wearing. You should avoid taking boots or high heels. Both take up a lot of space and are useless when walking long distances.

You should also take a light toilet bag. It should be filled with toothbrushes, shampoos, and other bathroom products. The items provided at the hotels only last for a day, at most. You should also take with you accessories that match your entire outfit. You should not travel with your entire jewelry box. When packing, always leave extra room for souvenirs. 

Taking Care of your Delsey Luggage


The materials used in Delsey require little maintenance. Still, Delsey has a few tips for making your luggage last longer. Hardsides suitcases should be cleaned with warm water and detergent. These suitcases should be rinsed to avoid dry marks.


The Softsides need to be clean with a soft brush. You should use soft soap that dilutes in water. After rinsing the suitcase, you should use a hair drier to speed up the drying process. Marks and traces of label glue can be removed with Eau Ecarlate. This stain remover can also be used on hard sides.


Leather sides need to be treated with a special leather cream. It should then be buffed with a soft cloth. Make up milks and moisturizing can also be used to clean your leather luggage. You should not leave your leather luggage to bake in the sun. It should also not be stored next to the radiator.

Other tips

Newer Delsey products have greater scratch resistant material. You should regularly check on the wheels. You should remove any gravel that prevents acceleration. If children store sandy items from the beach, you should have your luggage vacuumed. You should put your luggage inside a pin bag to keep the dust away. The best way to keep your entire luggage safe is to store them like a Russian doll.

Delsey Q and A

Q. What kind of Delsey luggage is recommended for a family trip?

A. Family travelers should use a big Beaubourg Trolley case. In there, you can fit clothes, toiletries, hammock and mosquito nets. A small Helium trolley case is good for essentials. The Crosstrip 2 backpacks are good for carrying IT equipment. These are the ideal travel bags for any family trip.

Q. What is the weight difference between a hard and a soft side Delsey luggage?

A. Normally, travelers would think hard side weighted more. Delsey Helium is a new Hardside luggage that weights the same as its soft side brethren.

Q. Do Hardsides still offer the best protection for your luggage?

A. Hardsides still offer the best protection. Delsey is developing some soft side luggage, which uses flexible protection material. This company is trying to make its softsides as resistant as bullet proof vests. This will offer the same protection as Hardside luggage, for tourists who prefer softsides.

Q. Which Delsey Luggage bags are ideal for different kinds of trips?

A. Delsey Helium cabin luggage is good for any weekend trip. The Flaneur lines are perfect for a week’s trip alone or a family trip weekend trip. For longer family trips, it is advised that you use the largest travel size from the U-Lite line.

Q. Is a luggage with four wheels, better than one with two wheels?

A. It depends on the kind of trip you wish to take. Four wheels are good for off road trips. The 4 wheelers also support better, heavier luggage. The two wheelers are better for lighter luggage.

Q. What is the ideal usage of the Duffle Bag and a Trolley Case?

A. Trolley cases are good for going to the airport. It can handle all the abuses the airport has to offer. The Duffle bag is better for car rides. Its lighter and it has flexible filing. These bags can also be carried on your shoulder.


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