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American Flyer

American Flyer luggage brings fresh ideas and a unique perspective to an industry dominated by veteran brands. Since 1999, American Flyer bags have offered classical looks and practical functionality to the modern traveler at competitive prices. Try American Flyer uprights, carry-ons and luggage sets and experience the superb quality and innovation of this up and coming brand for yourself.

Have you ever wondered if you are carrying the perfect piece of luggage for your needs? Do you struggle to get everything you need to carry into your suitcase? Have you ever arrived at your destination, only to find something broken within your suitcase? Are you looking for a new piece of without knowing what brand is right for you? If any of these situations apply, then you’ll want to make sure that you look into American Flyer luggage before you make one more trip with your old bags, or spend a single dollar on a new one.

For over twenty years, American Flyer luggage has been designing baggage that is classic and casual, while also being durable and practical. It is built with travelers’ needs in mind, because American Flyer luggage knows that you need to get your things from Point A to Point B with strong, functional luggage that won’t hold you back.

You always have a wide range of options when you’re choosing American Flyer luggage as they make a broad variety of pieces in a large pallet of colors and patterns. Furthermore, you can get all of these features and choices at an affordable price.

American Flyer luggage is based in New York City, and holds several patents that help them to continually polish their products and make traveling easier for their clients. Their experience and drive has given them the expertise they need to design baggage that is both innovative in its features and durable when it’s carried.

American Flyer luggage prides itself in its continual production of travel pieces of only the highest in quality. It allows travelers just like you to fit products directly into your lives and meet your needs exactly so that you can have the journey you want uninhibited by your luggage. With American Flyer baggage, you’re set for a smooth travel experience that allows you to bring your things safely and easily along with you, no matter where you’re headed.

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