The Benefits of Lightweight Luggage


Anyone who is looking to replace their old luggage, or who is considering adding pieces to their existing collection, may want to consider obtaining lightweight luggage for their next purchase.   Why?  Lightweight luggage offers travelers many benefits, such as:

  • Ease of mobility – Luggage that has been made with lightweight materials is easier to move and carry.  This is particularly useful when you need to carry or roll your baggage through an airport; carrying it or storing it on a plane; when taking it off a luggage carousal; and so on.
  • Airline weight regulations – Most domestic airlines have a stringent weight restriction of 50 pounds (some even less), and exceeding this limit results in penalty fees.  Lightweight luggage can help you avoid additional charges.
  • Less weight means more room for your belongings – Lighter baggage means that you can carry more of what you want to take with you, or bring gifts back from your trip, without having to sacrifice these items due to an excessively heavy suitcase design that limits what you can take because of weight constraints.
  • Easier on the body – The lighter the luggage, the less strain it puts on the body, making you less tired, and can reduce the occurrence and/or severity of physical aches and pains that result from travel.

Here are some of Luggage Online’s recommendations for great lightweight luggage:

  • Samsonite Cosmolite Upright Spinners
  • Rimowa New 2012 Salsa Deluxe Collection
  • Delsey Helium Breeze 3.0 Collection
  • Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4

There are a number of benefits to using lightweight luggage, just remember to choose a brand that is durable and as always, reflects your personal style!