How to prevent a baggage lost


Yes! We all know we do not want this to happen to us, but if it happens, and it could happen at any time. It is one of the biggest headache you will ever get, but there’s many ways to prevent this from happening.

Preventing a baggage lost

If you haven’t had this problem, then keep doing what you doing, now if this has happen to you, or not yet, here are some tips on how to always get your luggage back.

First of all one of the most obvious ways to prevent for your baggage to not get lost, is by not checking any luggage and just taking a carry-on, which it will be with you at all times. Now if you’re the type of person that must check in your luggage, try to follow this tips.

Always try to check in early, this will reassure you that your bag will be in the plane on time. Try to never check in late, this will take time, and it might not make it to plane. Is always better to be waiting for your plane, than hoping for your plane to not leave without you. When running late is better to just check for the next flight, and don’t be in a rush, because when rushing bad things tend to happen, so let’s keep it safe and smart.

Another smart way to make sure your bag is yours, is by putting a luggage tag in every piece of luggage you put in the plane. This is one of the easiest way to make sure your bag comes back to you, since it has all the information the airport needs to contact you. Always keep it on the top handle, also make or keep one inside the luggage, in case the luggage tag that is outside falls off. Also another option, in case you’re not a luggage tag person, would be too engrave your initials to your bag.

Now that we all like to take pictures, always try to take a picture of your luggage before traveling, in case it goes missing this will make it easier for the airline attendant to locate your bag, instead of having multiple bags to look for.  Another important thing to do would be to make your bag stand out, so don’t try to blend in with black, or grey travel in color.


Things to know if your bag is lost

If you did everything you were supposed to and your bag still got lost, then always check the airline you travel with, must of them will pay you back for your bag, if you go without your bag for 24 hours. Remember NOT all the airlines do this, so if this happens, when you get to counter to check-in your bags ask for the “excess valuation” deal. This deal provides you with up to $5,000 coverage, at a rate of $1 per $100 in value. Now if your bag gets lost for good, then all airlines are REQUIRED to reimburse you up to $2.800, but not per bag, but for incident. As always there’s some exceptions when it comes to jewelry, electronics, fur and documents so unless you really need it take it, if not leave it at home.

Here are some of the most common airlines website, with baggage claim for, and other regulations;

For more information visit the airlines website, you would find more information.

We sure all expect for this type of things to never happen, but if it does, now you ready to take action and know what to do next. Always breath and relax, don’t lose your mind over things that can be replace at any time, be patience and polite, rude people never get anywhere or anything.