Best Time to Travel to Miami

things-to-do-miami“The question of when to travel to Miami, is really based on the type of vacation you desire. Miami is a perfect place to go away any time of the year.

The beaches would never be empty, even on December you will see people, and expect to be entertain every weekend all year-round. Typically, when the North of U.S states start getting cold, Miami gets pack with tourism.

This time is what locals called Miami’s peak tourism months. The quietest month’s for Miami are from June through September, but expect to see some tourism all year long.


Miami weather is known to be bi-polar, but Miami usually has warm weather all year long. The highest is usually 80s degree and usually the lowest in 70s degrees. The good thing about Miami that even on a cloudy days you could enjoy the sun, but is best to always wear or

Carry a hat, and sunblock with you at all times to prevent any major sun burn. Now on June is best to pack an umbrella, if you vising at this time, since it tends to rain due to the fact that from June to November is hurricane season.

When to Save

If you trying to save some money and keep your bank account in check, the best time for you to visit Miami would be in the summer time, which is the low season that usually  run from June through September. During this month’s hotels rates and flights fares tend to decrease. Keep in mind that week days are usually cheaper than weekends. Dinning and attractions prices fluctuate less with the seasons, but occasionally you’ll find summer discounts or even coupons, so take advantage of this offers.

When to book

As always is best to book in advance, instead of trying to find a flight, and hotel at last minute. Is better to keep in mind that many hotels tend to sell out in advance, depending of the time of the year. If you have a specific location or price range in mind book as early as you can. If you get to travel in the off season you might get away with booking last minute, but don’t take that chance, just book early.

What to expect

Arriving: Miami International Airport (MIA) is located about five miles north of Downtown and 13 miles west of Miami Beach. Also convenient, especially for domestic U.S. travelers, is the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), located about 25 miles to the north.

Getting Around; unless you can afford a private driver, or better yet, a helicopter, rent a car at the airport. This is the only real way you would be able to get around Miami.

Traffic: now that you have the car, or private driver make sure to never go out during rush hour, which is usually between 12pm-1pm and 4pm-6pm, especially if you are traveling for business, so you won’t look bad getting there late. Try to always give yourself 20 to 30 minutes extra time, because even if you get on time or early to where you have to be, you still need to find parking. But unless you’re on vacation, you have nothing to worry about besides the sun.

What to Wear/ bring: Miami is generally a casual city, but if you are going to be hitting SoBe’s trendy night spots plan on getting decked out to the max, think about getting dressed extra casual, or you won’t get in. If you here for the sun, bring as many bathing-suits as you can.

Time to Enjoy

Now is time for you to just relax and enjoy your trip, no matter what type of visit you do, we sure hope is a good one.”

Best Time to Travel to Miami
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Best Time to Travel to Miami
Miami is a perfect place to go away any time of the year