Avoid Over Packing! Ways to Pack more efficiently!

Over packing luggage is a common problem among many travelers. Over packing tends to occur when a person packs at the last minute, is afraid to leave something behind, or is trying to make sure they will be as prepared as possible on their trip. If you have a tendency to over pack, the following are a few tips you may find useful to help you pack more efficiently:

Consider the number of days you will be on your trip, the temperature of the location where you will be traveling, and pack clothes accordingly. You don’t need to take two sets of clothes for everyday – one outfit should suffice. Likewise, if you will be attending formal occasions, pack only the amount of formal attire needed for these events.

Make the most out of your clothing. You can wear pants, such as jeans, more than once, which will allow you to pack fewer of these items since they can be used for more than one day. Try to pack as much versatile clothing as you can to reduce the number of garments you need to take.

Pack two pairs of shoes, one casual and one formal. This doesn’t include the shoes you wear on your feet during travel, which leaves you with three pairs of shoes for your trip.