Thrifty Tips for an Adventure Down Under

Australia or Bust! Thrifty Tips for an Adventure Down Under

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Are you ready for an Australian adventure? With smart strategies and careful planning, you can broaden your horizons and stretch your travel dollars. Here is how to make the most of your budget so you can enjoyably explore life Down Under.

Time Your Travel

Generally speaking, any time you’re planning a getaway, you are better off scheduling your trip in the off-season. By booking flights and lodging in what is referred to as the “shoulder” season, which is right before and right after the top travel season, you can take advantage of good weather and avoid higher prices and crowds. Certain locations might have special events, which can mean more travelers, and some experts warn you should research your timing at various destinations since what is off-peak in one area might be the peak travel season in another.

Exploring the Countryside

Australia is vast, so you should consider where you want to visit far in advance; if you intend to travel the continent end to end, you will eat up your budget quickly. One suggestion is to limit explorations to visiting a region or two, and plan to drive yourself around while you’re enjoying your Australian adventure. Many people are surprised to find out buying can be cheaper than renting vehicles in Australia. You can use sites like Gumtree to find reasonably priced used cars, then sell your vehicle at the end of your stay, recouping your costs. You can even opt for a camper to save money on lodging while seeing the sights.

Locations and Accommodations

To really save money, Thrillist recommends selecting your destination city based on the airfare. Once you arrive, you could stay in a hostel to stretch your dollars. Hostels offer inexpensive lodging and often provide free food, and some hostels will even let you work during your stay to offset costs. Another suggestion is to stay in a national park. You can take in the great outdoors, and you can even see artifacts and learn about the Aboriginal people. If you’re traveling in a camper, the parks can be particularly convenient, too. This can be a great way to save on meals too, as you can prepare your own food and have a picnic with a view, especially if you plan ahead and bring along seating (this chair/cooler combo will do the trick). Other ideas for inexpensive lodging include renting an apartment or swapping houses via the web, such as through Airbnb. No matter what you decide, be sure to invest in a durable backpack by Briggs & Riley so you are always prepared no matter where your travels take you.

Careful planning can help you make the most of your travel budget. When it’s time to explore down under, think outside the box and weigh your options. Prioritize what you want your Australian adventure to look like so you can stretch your dollars accordingly.

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