3 Must-Do’s When Traveling With Little Ones This Holiday

For families who travel together over the busy holiday season, developing and refining the right packing strategy is essential. Anyone who has underpacked, overpacked, slightly mispacked  or flat out poorly packed for a trip knows there has to be a better way. It is just a matter of finessing this important traveling skill.

Keep the Peace While in Transit for Holiday Fun with These 3 Simple Packing Tips

As you look at your young children who still may have some urgent needs like nourishment and entertainment— understandable and downright non-negotiable for younger children on a long holiday trek—you want to make sure you have everything they need at your fingertips, tucked away in the perfect side pocket of your carry-on. The last thing you want is to force your in-flight neighbor to wear their earplugs from take-off to landing because your little ones are shrieking because you can’t reach the iPad for your active toddler or the bottle for your baby. The following three tips will help you pack your gear for maximum efficiency and convenience.

1. Pack a Tote with All the Essentials if you are traveling with your children and your spouse. You will probably check in a few bigger bags, but an expandable tote for carry-on is crucial to your packing strategy. This delightful piece of luggage is where you can stow the iPad, bottle, sippy cups, snacks for the parents, and even some pain reliever for adults and children… just in case.



2. Consolidate Your Gear for Ultimate efficiency with a Stroller-and-Bag-in-One. Savvy travelers have known for quite a while how invaluable a wheeled bag is for just about any type of voyage. Things have gotten even better for busy parents ready to roll. The Bagrider is truly a game changing piece of gear for a traveling mom or dad who needs to focus on keeping track of a rambunctious toddler and calming a small baby in a semi-chaotic atmosphere. Check the stroller, and take out the Bagrider to zip through the airport in record time, ease and comfort.


3. Plan for Your Smallest Bundle’s Comfort Giving your parents the chance to meet your new baby for the holidays is a family benchmark, but getting there in comfort— theirs and yours—is challenging. You will need to bring essentials like diapers, bottles, pacifiers, snacks and much more. Search for an all-in-one gear bundle and stroller that accommodates every item, along with plenty of room for your baby. The right system may include a stroller, portable crib, portable high chair, bassinet and travel bag.


Become A Pro-Level Parent Traveler This Holiday Season
With these packing and gear tips, along with a few ideas you add on your own, you are going to be that parent that everyone showers with praise because your kids are so beautifully behaved. Even better, you will have everything under control, so you can recline in your seat and unwind.