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Australia or Bust! Thrifty Tips for an Adventure Down Under Photo courtesy of Pexels Are you ready for an Australian adventure? With smart strategies and careful planning, you can broaden your horizons and stretch your […]

They call it the Charm City for a reason. While Baltimore doesn’t typically rank atop lists of popular tourist destinations, the city has a lot to offer without the tourist traps that plague many of […]

Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and London Bridge: these are just a few of the attractions that draw tourists to England every summer. If you’re planning on traveling to England this year for the first time, […]

Yes! We all know we do not want this to happen to us, but if it happens, and it could happen at any time. It is one of the biggest headache you will ever get, […]

“Mistakes… we all make them, especially when it comes to luggage, so do not try to act like you are perfect. Not even machines are perfect, so how do we avoid making mistakes? Well you’re […]

Traveling with Pets

“Yes! Traveling with pets hasn’t been easy, and is not easy, but here are some tips on what you need to know when you decide to travel with your best pal. Traveling with pets is […]

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