Travelpro Luggage: 3 Popular Bags that Travelers Love

Buying the optimal traveling bag can be a difficult proposition. Between deciding on sizes, colors, and fabrics, there are an excess of decisions before one decides on a brand. Ultimately, brand selection boils down to one issue: does this company provide quality luggage that will last? For a safe bet, choose the brand that both flight crews and frequent travelers carry: Travelpro Luggage.

The premier luggage innovator in both design and durability, Travelpro aims for a lifelong partnership with its customers. 26 years ago, Travelpro developed the Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage. Fast forward to this year, they were awarded for their innovative efforts by the Travel Goods Association (TGA). Always looking to stay ahead, Travelpro continues to introduce groundbreaking products to the industry.

We selected the best of Travelpro based upon your travel needs.

The “No Checked Bags” Flyer: Crew 9 Rolling Tote

If you are searching for a bag that will easily fit into overhead baggage, look no further than the Crew 9 Rolling Tote. This top-selling Travelpro luggage model provides a combination of ample storage space and numerous compartments for overnight travel. Featuring Travelpro’s 2000D Twist Nylon Fabric, the Crew 9 Rolling Tote possesses both Duraguard coating and skid protection. The suitcase’s smudge-inhibiting exterior makes it one of Travelpro’s best luggage products.

Business and Pleasure Traveler: Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 26in. Expandable Rollaboard Suiter

The well-known and expandable Rollaboard put Travelpro on the map. This model is perfect for travelers looking for a roomier suitcase. The Travelpro Walkabout Lite provides multiple customization options for the traveling regular. From the add-a-bag strap to the removable wheels, bag owners can modify the Walkabout Lite as they see fit. In addition, the adjustable interior straps and removable suitor system allow for simple bag organization

The Vacationer: Travelpro Maxlite 2 30in. Rolling Duffel

Taking a long vacation? The Travelpro Maxlite 2 lives up to its name. Armed with spacious compartment and both top and front-carry handles, the lightweight duffle is easy to maneuver and transport. Although it may be the largest suitcase in the Maxlite luggage line, the duffel weighs in at a mere 7.2 pounds, which leaves over 40 pounds for your travel necessities. Likewise, the Travelpro’s Rugged Polyester fabric gives the bag a distinctive appearance and makes it water repellant.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the vast luggage selection. Travelpro luggage delivers a diverse selection for all kinds of travelers.”

Travelpro Luggage: 3 Popular Bags that Travelers Love
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Travelpro Luggage: 3 Popular Bags that Travelers Love
Travelpro aims for a lifelong partnership with its customers