Travelpro and Tumi Objective Comparison



Sturdy and dependable luggage is key to enjoying a smooth and convenient traveling experience, no matter where in the world you are. This is why it’s so crucial to take your time in picking out the perfect suitcase for your journeys. When it comes to finding the right suitcase, being hasty is never the answer.

If you’re searching for a basic suitcase that’s compact yet practical, the Internet shop Luggage Online ( has two strong products available to you. These are the Travelpro Walkabout Lite and the Tumi Alpha 2 Short Trip suitcases. Upon quick glances, both of these suitcases look extremely similar. The Travelpro suitcase is markedly more budget-friendly than the latter.

Both are black upright suitcases. The dimensions for the Travelpro suitcase are 29 inches x 20.5 inches x 12 inches. The dimensions for the Tumi suitcase are 26 inches x 18.75 inches by 13 inches.

Outside of size, some of the notable components of the Travelpro suitcase include a zippered pocket in the front, carry handles, nylon coil zippers and big zippered compartments. If you want to keep your clothing safe in your suitcase, the Travelpro option even features convenient tie-down straps. To make rolling your suitcase all around the airport simple and straightforward, the suitcase is equipped with four spinner wheels.

The Tumi suitcase also comes with a variety of standout features. Like the Travelpro suitcase, it has handy carry handles and zip pockets. Other perks of the Tumi suitcase include feet on the side and front, a pair of recessed wheels, a mesh pocket, garment sleeves that can be easily taken off and straps for introducing bags.

Color-wise, both the Travelpro and Tumi suitcases are standard black. This can be a serious plus for people who travel on a frequent basis. Airports, taxis, trains and planes aren’t always exactly the cleanest and tidiest of environments, after all. If you travel with a solid black suitcase, the odds of dirt and grime showing up on it are markedly less high. A paler suitcase might start to look dirty extremely quickly.

While these two suitcases are far from exactly the same, they both focus heavily on user convenience. People who wish to travel around in style and with ease might appreciate purchasing one of these suitcases from Luggage Online. Not only do these suitcases aim to make walking around easy, but they also aim to make packing valuables go smoothly.”

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Travelpro and Tumi Objective Comparison
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