Toughest Travelers: Consumer Reports

consumer-reports-9-08The Rough and Tumbler test, which entailed filling carry-on suitcases until they weighed 20-25 lbs and tumbling them up to 1,000 times, is among one of the tests done by Consumer Reports. The tests determined which of 12 brand suitcases were the toughest of travelers.  The report was quite interesting and you can see the chart to the left of what was found in terms of durability, capacity and convenience.

The bottom line is, Tumi was rated best overall with more room than most brands! Highest in quality and price, the Tumi Alpha 22″” Carry-On costs $595.  It was also determined that there are other brands that cost less and are still good quality but didn’t perform as well in every test category.  It comes down to your preference and price range as to what bag is perfect for your needs. So don’t overlook the Victorinox NXT, Hartmann Stratum and Briggs & Riley Baseline or any of the other top carry-ons!”