The Tumi Tegra-Lite Medium Trip Packing Case


The Tumi Tegra-Lite Medium Trip Packing Case is the number one travel bag in the market. It’s been praised by travelers for its beautiful style, strong durability, and lightweight. The strength of the outer shell is made from Tegris®, a hard plastic that is also used to make the protective gear for NFL football players. This plastic protects your belongings from bumpy rides, falls, scratches, and the weather.

The bag is ideal for all kinds of travel, especially those long vacations or family trips. The inside of the bag is beautifully lined and can accommodate a considerable amount of clothes. There are also a number of zip-pockets where you can stuff your undergarments and socks. The tie-downs are easy to reach to firmly secure your belongings and keep them neat during travel.

One of the most genius features of this bag is the removable garment sleeve and hanger bracket. You can easily unzip the bracket and hang your shirts directly in the hotel closet when unpacking. The sleeve’s material will also keep your clothes dry and moisture-free from packed liquids that may accidentally leak. Is truly a remarkable piece of luggage from the Tumi Brand

Another great feature of this bag are the TSA Integrated Locks. If TSA needs to open your bag they can do so by using a special master key. After your bag has been screened TSA is able to lock your bag again, giving you peace of mind that your valuables will remain safe during travel.

Getting around the airport with this bag is effortless. The aluminum retractable top carry handle is smooth and locks nicely in place. If you’re tall this bag is also for you! The retractable handle adjusts easily to various heights. In addition, the four wheels at the bottom make pulling this bag painless. There are also protective bumpers that provide the bag with protection against strong impacts.

The Tumi Tegra-Lite Medium Trip Packing Case weighs only 9 lbs. making it one of the lightest bags in the market. Picking it up to load it in the truck of your car is made easier with the bottom grab handle. Remember to always bend your knees when lifting up luggage!

Lastly, this bag is a must for those travelers that like to be stylish. The bag’s smart design is modern and attractive. You can select from four different colors including, black cherry, bordeaux, charcoal, t-graphite, and white. Travel in style and with confidence. Bon voyage!”

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Tumi Tegra-Lite Medium Trip Packing Case
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