Rimowa Salsa Air 32″ Multiwheel Product Review


If you’re looking for an upright suitcase that’s practically light as air but at the same time is highly sturdy, then the Rimowa Salsa Air 32″” Multiwheel might make a perfect option for you. While this suitcase is indeed lightweight, it boasts dependable firmness which is important for busy, on-the-go travelers.

The polycarbonate suitcase has a lustrous, shiny appearance. It’s produced in a number of exciting and distinctive colors. These colors include white, gold, blue and violet. Not only does the suitcase appear in a variety of colors, but it also features dark accents. While the suitcase has a subtle and elegant look, it’s in no way gaudy or flashy.

Getting around hectic airports and train stations can be tough when you’re dealing with a bulky suitcase. Thankfully, the Rimowa Salsa Air is a whole other story. First off, it’s extremely light. Secondly, the suitcase comes with smooth multiwheels that make getting from point A to point B extremely easy. 

The Rimowa Salsa Air’s carrying handles also make traveling markedly easier. These handles feature padding that make holding the suitcase both simple and comfortable. Telescopic retracting handles are yet another big perk of the suitcase.

Safety is a big focus for the Salsa Air. The suitcases come with combination locks that are made in accordance to all of the newest security innovations and developments. The combination locks are endorsed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Not only is the suitcase exciting and convenient on the outside, but its inside portion isn’t too shabby either. The inside of the Salsa Air is lined with smooth yet strong parachute silk. The two sides of the suitcase have net coverings that shut with the reliable assistance of zippers. The zippers help ensure top-notch safety of valuables. If you want to keep your possessions in a secure spot, these net coverings make a dependable option.

While the Salsa Air is indeed light, it’s also extremely roomy. If you have a tendency to pack a lot of things, then this suitcase might be ideal for your needs.

Before you decide whether or not you want the awesome Rimowa, be sure to review the suitcase’s size. It weighs 7.95 pounds. Its dimensions are 21.26 inches X 31.89 inches X 10.83 inches. If you enjoy traveling with ease, convenience and style, then it might be time for you to introduce the Rimowa Salsa Air 32″” Multiwheel to your life.”

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