Rimowa Limbo Multiwheel Review

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Very few brands have the history and quality as Rimowa Luggage. Rimowa has been producing quality luggage since before 1930. They are best known for their aluminium cases and now polycarbonate. While both types are excellent, the hybrid Rimowa Limbo Cabin Multiwheel case is what is being reviewed.

Rimowa luggage is well known for being light weight. The Limbo Cabin Multiwheel does not disappoint in this regard. An empty weight of 9.7 pounds means that the base weight will not significantly increase the overall weight once the contents are packed. Other cases start with a decent amount of case weight, when added to the weight of the contents makes it more difficult and heavier to manage. The Limbo Cabin case, keeps the weight down so more can be packed.

Rimowa has also gone a step further by utilizing an aluminium frame. This adds strength to the case without adding to the overall weight. Again, making the limitation in size the only constraint and not the weight of the contents and the case. Both the use of polycarbonate and aluminum creates a light weight case that can take on the rigors of every day travel while protecting the contents.

However, it is not just the light weight and the robust nature of the frame that makes the Rimowa Limbo Cabin Multiwheel case a winner. The wear and tear on wheels in other cases usually become apparent rather quickly in frequent travel. The multiwheel Rimowa Limbo Cabin case is specifically designed to support the frame, case and contents with out bogging down or inhibiting wheel travel. In the unlikely event of a wheel failure, the offending wheel can be replaced with ease.

The Rimowa Limbo Cabin luggage has one more feature that allows it to stand out. One that many find the most useful feature. That is the TSA approved lock. By using the TSA locking mechanism for ease of screening it has the benefit of reducing time in security lines and prevents damage that can occur from frequent clasping and unclasping. Saving time and reducing frustration.

Overall, perhaps the most disappointing aspect to the Rimowa Limbo Cabin Multiwheel is the price. However, the quality and robust nature of the luggage, combined with the TSA lock and replaceable wheels makes the Rimowa Limbo Cabin case worth it. While probably not the best for the rare traveler, the frequent traveler will recognize and appreciate the features.”

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