The Hardside Luggage Trend is on the Rise

As airline ticket prices begin to drop and the ease of flying increases, more people are turning into frequent flyers. Travelers are strategizing their packing more than ever with the recent carry-on luggage restrictions and the weight limits of checked bags. These new restrictions have given rise to the hardside luggage trend. This type of luggage offers a safer, lighter, and more stylish option than its soft side luggage counterpart. Part fashion, part functionality, hardside luggage allows passengers to express their personal style and keep their belongings safe while traveling.

Behind the Hardside Luggage Comeback

Hardside luggage provides a number of advantages. Durable and lighter when compared to standard soft luggage, the bags are also sturdier and waterproof. Made of polycarbonate resin, this once expensive material now is a common sight among airline passengers. This helps passengers avoid extra baggage fees when checking in at the airport. The lightweight structural design means hardside luggage often is one of the lightest choices for traveling. Likewise, the bold arrays of color options help flyers express their style and makes identifying your bag at the luggage carousal a cinch.

Airports are notorious for destroying or mistreating passengers’ luggage. Soft-sided luggage starts to deteriorate as it gets worn after a few flights and often results in damage to contents. In comparison, hardside suitcases offer a durable style that is able to withstand the weight of a person standing on top of it. As bags bounce off one another in the overhead compartment or are stacked on top of each other below the plane, the rigid shell will keep valuables and electronics safe.

Popular Hardside Luggage Brands

Travel is made simple with hardside luggage by Rimowa and Delsey. The Rimowa Salsa Deluxe hardside luggage is best for business travel. Its polycarbonate shell is one of the most durable pieces of luggage available today. This Rimowa hardside suitcase also comes equipped with a multi-wheel system, which allows it to travel over almost any terrain and easily glide through airport terminals.

For frequent flyers, Delsey makes the perfect hardside suitcase for holding electronics and valuables. The Delsey Helium Aero hardside suitcase is constructed with a 100% polycarbonate shell. The modern design is complete with a metallic glossy finish. Lightweight and durable, this bag includes multiple compartments that make packing less stressful.

Hardside luggage offers flyers a new choice in luggage. The innovative suitcases bring a durable and lightweight option to airports across the globe. Whether it’s for carrying on or checking, hardside suitcases are gaining popularity as travelers understand and seize their advantages.”