Rimowa and the World Cup


Rimowa is a company that prides itself on creating an original, high-quality product that simply cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Manufacturers of premium, hard-top luggage that will go anywhere and do anything, Rimowa is found all across the world. The grooved surfaces are very distinctive to this company, and whether the cases are made of aluminum or an even more durable material this luggage is ready to go whenever and wherever its owner is.

Rimowa and The World Cup

A company that isn’t content to sit on its laurels (or its earning), Rimowa uses its profits to help sponsor teams and causes that it believes in. This year’s World Cup saw Germany in a place of prominence, and as such Rimowa decided to make a gesture of good faith to the German football team to help them on their way to victory. Members of the team were given brand new Rimowa cases in red, the color of victory, and along with the cases players were given the best wishes of the Rimowa company for good fortune in the upcoming matches.

Whether or not the gift helped their performance no one can say; that said, the models the German team was given certainly took the worries of travel off their minds and let them focus on the game.

Other Sponsorships and Donations

While everyone loves the World Cup, since it’s one of the only events that can compete with the Olympics for national pride, it’s only one event. Rimowa knows that, and it’s why they make sure to spread their influence and love around a little bit. FC Koln has had Rimowa’s sponsorship since 2008, with the entire team receiving high quality cases as only Rimowa can make them.

Other News

Beyond the wide world of sports though, Rimowa has been quite busy the past several years. The company has opened stores in Finland and Belgium, as well as in Portugal and Austria. It’s taken its signature luggage to the Amazon, and along with all this world traveling has still found time to dedicate to its great  designs remain strong, solid, and dependable. In short, while it’s been participating in a lot of different events over the past few years, Rimowa has not forgotten what got it where it is today. Manufacturing some of the best, most dependable luggage in the world is what makes the company stand out, after all.”

Rimowa and the World Cup
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Rimowa and the World Cup
Manufacturers of premium, hard-top luggage that will go anywhere and do anything, Rimowa is found all across the world.