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Australia or Bust! Thrifty Tips for an Adventure Down Under Photo courtesy of Pexels Are you ready for an Australian adventure? With smart strategies and careful planning, you can broaden your horizons and stretch your […]

“Today, Samsonite International is the world’s largest travel luggage company. This brand has been around for more than 100 years and has had difficulties, but it always overcame it’s difficulties by coming out stronger than […]

“ Rimowa is a company that prides itself on creating an original, high-quality product that simply cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Manufacturers of premium, hard-top luggage that will go anywhere and do […]

“ As airline ticket prices begin to drop and the ease of flying increases, more people are turning into frequent flyers. Travelers are strategizing their packing more than ever with the recent carry-on luggage restrictions […]

” Did you know that the word “luggage” is actually derived from the word “lug?” It literally means, “that which is lugged around,” believe it or not! The term officially entered the English language in […]

” LuggageOnline’s new web experience includes interactive elements, a one-step checkout process, enhanced photography and rich content.  The site offers an expansive collection of product videos, live chat with a LuggageOnline Customer Service Representative and […]

The innovation that revolutionized the traveler’s world had humble beginnings. Inventor and Northwest Airlines pilot Bob Plath’s eureka moment came as he waited at an airport security checkpoint behind passengers struggling to free their bungee-cord-attached […]

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