What makes a Laptop Case “TSA Friendly?”

codibag“With all of the buzz lately about TSA laptop cases, the question on everyone’s mind is “Where can I find a TSA friendly laptop bag?”  Look no further folks because here is one of the first TSA friendly laptop cases on the market.

CODi Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case makes getting through security a breeze.  It has a folding twin compartments and side buckles to keep the two compartments secure for portability.  The hinged design allows travelers to grab the handle off of the conveyor belt, so there’s no need to try to “reassemble” your bag before you go.

If you’re still wondering what exactly makes it TSA friendly, read on for all you need to know about TSA friendly laptop bags.

The hype about the new TSA friendly bags doesn’t mean that your current laptop bag isn’t allowed through security, and it also doesn’t mean that if you have one you’ll never have to take out your laptop again. “TSA-friendly” means just that.  The TSA has already stated that it’s not approving or endorsing any specific bag, but they’ve released some helpful guidelines to manufacturers about what’s going to make it easier to get through security.  (They of course still retain the right to inspect any laptop at any time).

The current problem with many laptop bags is that under x-ray there can be a ton of accessories and other items blocking the view of the laptop which doesn’t allow TSA officers to really determine what they’re looking at.

The solution is simple. Use a bag that’s butterfly or trifold style so there’s a separate compartment for the laptop that can be scanned without anything else in the way to obscure the laptop.

Still confused?  Here’s the breakdown:

To be considered TSA friendly:

  • The bag must have a laptop only compartment that can lay flat onto an x-ray belt
  • The laptop compartment cannot contain any accessories or items other than your laptop
  • It cannot have metal snaps, zippers or buckles on or in any part of the laptop only section
  • It cannot have pockets on or inside of the laptop only section

Check out TSA’s website or the TSA Blog for more info.”