TSA to Relax Liquid Ban


The liquid ban got some attention recently when Virgin Airways called for a review of the carry-on limits, particularly concerning liquids.   At the time the Department of Transportation said it had no intentions of changing the restrictions stating “”…a generic capability exists to create liquid bombs from domestic items.””

Not even a month later the TSA sings a different tune.  They’ve announced that they foresee the liquid restrictions to be more relaxed.  “” TSA Chief Kip Hawley says,

“”I think realistically in one year we, the TSA and foreign colleagues, will be a position to relax liquids restrictions. We are within a year of having the ability to differentiate threat liquids through the screening process.””

The reason for the change of heart? A new X-ray machine that can detect explosives.  The machines are already in use, but the software that detects the bombs is still being tested.  With the new technology liquids will most likely still have to be removed first, but the limits on quantity may be relaxed in ’09.  In the meantime? Get out your 1 qt baggies and 3oz bottles.

TSA Likely to Relax Liquid Ban in 2009 [MSN Travel]

Photo by msmail