TSA Tests Shoe Scanning Technology (Again)

Removing your shoes is probably one of the worst parts of flying lately.  (Well, that is, assuming you don’t having any piercings, an underwire bra, homebrew batteries, a macbook air, or metal implants—you get the idea!)  As hard as it can be to take the TSA’s word for anything, they have stressed in the past that screening shoes is incredibly important because it’s effective in detecting explosives.  So like it or not taking off our shoes is something we have to deal with, but maybe not indefinitely.  The TSA is testing a new shoe scanner which was developed by L3 communications (the same company that developed the notorious full body scanning millemeter wave machine) at Los Angeles International Airport.  Whether or not the new scanner will prove to be an adequate means of detecting bombs is still up in the air.  This isn’t the first time that the TSA has tried technology like this before to no avail.  Hopefully this time we won’t be left with dashed hopes and bare feet.