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Airport and TSA

New Year, New Rules from TSA Airport Security 2020 Never assume when it comes to airport security. Every few months there are new additions to the security policies in different airports without notice. Your driver’s […]

Last year horror story after horror story came out about the TSA that removed any doubt as to why they’ve sank below the IRS has the most hated government agency. But aside from some questionable […]

“ The liquid ban got some attention recently when Virgin Airways called for a review of the carry-on limits, particularly concerning liquids.   At the time the Department of Transportation said it had no intentions of […]

Removing your shoes is probably one of the worst parts of flying lately.  (Well, that is, assuming you don’t having any piercings, an underwire bra, homebrew batteries, a macbook air, or metal implants—you get the […]

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