Review Airline AA in Terms of Safety


Many people feel antsy regarding transportation by air, due to the many hijackings, and airplane accidents. Many ask the question, “”Do I really want to fly and if I do fly which airlines has the highest safety success rate and overall customer satisfaction.

While reviewing the many airlines on the market today American Airlines is leading the industry in safety, reliability, luggage handling and customer service with a 7/7 in safety ratings and a 4/7 in product rating.

At the corporate level, American Airlines has implemented and is following through with the safety and security of all employees and customers. This has become one of American Airlines top priorities. The following bullet list breaks down what this airlines is doing to enhance safety of crew and passengers.

• Continually initiating programs processes and systems that work with government and industry agencies

• Stress all employees no matter what the job description to remain vigilant to global security and to fully support the flight and customer safety processes in place

• Administers corporate Safety Management Systems

• Specific teams analyzes general safety performance of in-flight operations, maintenance, and develops a Fatigue Risk Management System to curb pilot fatigue

• Developed in-flight safety procedures

• Collection of data

• Training of safety and security to employees

• The Federal Aviation Administration is helping American Airlines to identify safety and security issues at once and rectify issues

• Ongoing improvements in safety programs

Luggage Handling by American Airlines

American Airlines has outlined all baggage information at their website, and the information that the airlines as compiled are extensive and of great value to all customers flying American Airlines. The customer satisfaction for luggage handling reviews at 4/7.

American Airlines did not stay in business for so many years if they did not strive every day for each customer flying with them. Customer safety and satisfaction is at the top of this airlines list of priorities.

American Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the commercial airline industry. This airline serves four continents, five Central American airports, Los Angeles International airport, Chicago’s O’Hare, Miami International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City and Dallas/ Ft. Worth International Airport.

The headquarters for American Airlines is set in the Dallas/Fort Worth location. American Airlines has just over 600 aircraft with nearly 8,000 pilots.

In 2014, American Airlines will merger with US Airways. At this time, American Airlines gains the prospective of the “”New”” American Airlines and hails as the world’s largest airlines in the world.

It is no wonder why American Airlines stands out as one of the safest and best-rated airlines by consumers on the market today.”

Review Airline AA in Terms of Safety
Article Name
Review Airline AA in Terms of Safety
It is no wonder why American Airlines stands out as one of the safest and best-rated airlines by consumers on the market today