Current Airline Fees

This page should really be titled “”The most comprehensive list of airline fees you’ll ever find online”” but that’s kind of a mouthful! Below you will find a complete airline fee chart with the latest baggage fees, weight and size restrictions and carry-on sizes, food and beverage fees and more from major airlines such as US Airways, American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines and Air Tran Airlines.  The list also includes miscellaneous fees such as airline pet fees and unaccompanied minor fees, and ticket change fees. But be sure to check the websites for the most current up-to-date information regarding these fees.

Last updated: 9/15/2008 (Frequent Flier fees section added!)

Baggage Fees


Airline Carry-On & Personal Bag 1st Checked Bag 2nd Checked Bag 3rd Checked Bag Additional Bags
US Airways Free $15 $25 $100 N/A*
American Airlines Free $15** $25** $100 6+ Bags: $200
Northwest Airlines Free $15 $25** $100* N/A*
Southwest Airlines Free Free Free $25 4th-9th bag: $50
United Airlines Free $15** $25** N/A* N/A*
Continental Airlines Free $15† $25 N/A* N/A*
Delta Airlines Free Free $50 $125 (up to 10 checked bags)
Air Tran Airlines Free Free $20*** $50 $50
Spirit Airlines Free $25**** $25 $100 N/A*

*Check with airline for details.
**Airline specificially stated “”each way”” when listing fees. Always see airline for round-trip details.
***Air Tran Airlines offers a $10 discount with online check-in for the 2nd checked bag.
****Spirit Airlines charges $15 if purchased online.
†Begins October 7th.

Weight/Size Limits & Fees


(Size measured in Linear Inches L+W+H)

Airline Carry-On Overweight Oversized Not accepted
US Airways Details 50 lbs: $50-$100 62-80″”: $100 Over 80″”
American Airlines Details 50-70 lbs: $50
70-100 lbs: $100
63-114″”: $150 Over 100lbs or 114″”
Northwest Airlines Details 51-70 lbs: $50 N/A* Over 70lbs or 160″”
Southwest Airlines Details 51-70lbs: $25
71-100 lbs: $50
62-80″”: $50 Over 100lbs or 80″”
United Airlines Details 50lbs: $125 62″”: $125 N/A*
Continental Airlines Details 50-70 lbs: $50 62″”: $100 N/A*
Delta Airlines Details 50 lbs: $90-$150 62″”: $175 Over 70lbs or  80″”
Air Tran Airlines Details 51-70lbs: $29
71-100 lbs: $69
62-70″”: $29
71″”-80″”: $69
Over 100 lbs or 80″”
Spirit Airlines Details 51-70lbs: $50
71-99lbs: $100
62-79″”: $100
80-160″”: $150
Over 99lbs or 160″”

*Check with airline for details.

Food & Beverages


Airline Snack and Meals Non-Alcoholic Alcoholic
US Airways $5-$7 $2 $7
American Airlines $3-$10 Free $6
Northwest Airlines $4-$10 Free N/A*
Southwest Airlines Free small snacks Free $4
United Airlines $7-$9 Free** $6
Continental Airlines N/A* Free $5
Delta Airlines $1-$10 and free peanuts,
biscoff cookies & crackers
Free $6
Air Tran Airlines N/A* Free $6
Spirit Airlines N/A* $2-$3 #5

*Check with airline for details.
**Depending on length of flight.

Reservation, Check-in & Ticket Change


Airline Phone Reservation Curbside check-in Ticket Change
US Airways $25-$35/person $2/bag $150
American Airlines $20/person Free $150
Northwest Airlines $15/person $2/bag $100
Southwest Airlines Free Free No change fees!
United Airlines $25/person $2/bag N/A*
Continental Airlines $15/person Free See airline
Delta Airlines $25/person $3/bag $100
Air Tran Airlines $10/person Free $75
Spirit Airlines N/A* N/A* N/A*

*Check with airline for details.

Other Fees


Airline Traveling with Pets Unaccompanied Minors Entertainment Miscellaneous
US Airways $100 each way $100 N/A* Free shuttle at select airports
American Airlines $100-$150 $100 Free
($2 headsets)
Broadband Internet: $12.95
Northwest Airlines $80-$359 $75-$100 N/A* N/A*
Southwest Airlines N/A* Free N/A* Passenger facility charge:
$2.50-$5 each way
United Airlines $125-$150 $150 Free XM radio, movies & TV Satellite phone:
$10/min + $10 connection fee
Continental Airlines N/A* $75-$100 N/A* N/A*
Delta Airlines $100-$200 $100 Free movie** N/A*
Air Tran Airlines $69 $39 XM radio N/A*
Spirit Airlines $85 $75*** N/A* N/A*

*Check with airline for details.
**Depending on length of flight.
***includes free snack and drink.

Frequent Flier Miles


Airline Processing Quick Ticketing Reissue Misc.
US Airways $25 domestic
$50 other regions***
$50 online
$75 at Reservations
$150-$250*** N/A*
American Airlines $20
($5 online)
20-7 days: $506-2 days: $100 $150 N/A*
Northwest Airlines $45
(Free Online)
3-10 days: $50+) $50+ Fuel: $25-$100
Southwest Airlines See Airline* N/A* N/A* 9/11 security:$10**
United Airlines See Airline* N/A* N/A* 9/11 security:$10**
Continental Airlines Free (21 days prior) 3-20 days: $75 $150 N/A*
Delta Airlines Free (21 days prior) 20-8 days: $75
4-7 days: $100
3 days: $150
$100 9/11 security: $10**Fuel: $25-$50
Air Tran Airlines See Airline* N/A* N/A* N/A*
Spirit Airlines See Airline* Must book 7 days prior $70 9/11 security: $10**

*Check with airline for details.
**Required by law (not all airlines list this fee).
***Applies to transatlantic/transpacific flightsSome restrictions apply and all fees are for economy class flights, so there are some exceptions to these fees. Frequent flier miles fees apply to the standard rewards programs. Please see airlines or websites for more detailed and up-to-date information.

If you have any questions or know if any additional fees—let us know!
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