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Southwest Airlines…Bags Fly Free

By Sharon Laudenbach on

Good news from the airlines today?  The only airline we’re hearing good news from is Southwest Airlines, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, flies over 104 million passengers a year to 64 great cities all across the country.

I myself, look to Southwest before looking to any other airline today.  They make travel so simple.  Actually, I call them the “airbus” of the airline industry.  You buy the ticket, get in line, and board the plane/bus.  Simplicity at it’s finest!  What is everyone else doing???

Not to mention, they’re probably the ONLY airline still offering the 1st AND 2nd checked bag for FREE!!!  Yep, have you heard that word lately from any other airline, FREE, which is especially great when you have to travel with a lot of luggage. Wait, it doesn’t end there.  They also still offer a FREE snack, and even FREE non-alcoholic beverages. WOW!

I  happen to think their marketing campaign is brilliant.  They’re capitalizing on the known fact that ALL OTHER airlines are charging their passengers for EVERYTHING they possibly can.

Sharon Laudenbach “loyal Southwest Airline traveler”

Picture by GirlieErin

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1 Comment

  1. Mark in CO

    Please don’t forget that ONLY Southwest also gives free changes … just pay the fare difference, not the fare difference +$150 like the legacy carriers. This is a HUGE difference and why SWA is #1 with me!

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