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History of the Samsonite Brand.

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pimpin the new Samsonite Line!

pimpin the new Samsonite Line! (Photo credit: jwilly)

Samsonite International is the world’s largest travel luggage company. This brand has been around for more than 100 years and has had difficulties, but it always overcame it’s difficulties by coming out stronger than ever before. Founded in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, Samsonite first begun business as a truck manufacturing company. Throughout the course of their successful business, the brand would obviously develop a reputation for producing quality and innovative luggage pieces. The brand has a variety of luggage styles that are certain to satisfy almost any traveler. Samsonite’s primary industry focus is to produce luggage, business and computer bags, outdoor and casual bags and travel accessories. Though Samsonite is the company’s most popular brand, it also owns other luggage brands such as American Tourister, High Sierra, Haltmann, Lipault and Speck.

Before founding Samsonite, Jesse Shwayder worked successfully as a salesman in New York. A Colorado native, Shwayder longed to not only return home, but to also pursue his dream to open a business. So, Shwayder went back home and that is how Samsonite was founded. Through a lot of hard work, Jesse and his brothers partnered together to create the successful company that is easily recognized today. By 1918, the brothers were finally able to nationally market one of their quality suitcases for the very first time. For the next eleven years, they would continue to experience many business triumphs as their revenue rose to over 1 million dollars. However, with the infamous stock market crash of 1929 that led to 10 years of the Great Depression, Samsonite would suffer a few setbacks.

The Shwayder brother’s truck shipments dropped by fifty percent in only a couple of years time. People were struggling financially and did not have the time or money to think of purchasing new luggage for vacations. So in 1931, to account for the lack of sales, the brothers turned their attention away from luggage and changed their company name to Shwayder Brothers, Inc. They soon began manufacturing a variety of products such as license plates, card tables, stilts, doggie dinettes and sandboxes.

However, the Shwayder brothers had not come to their end in the luggage industry. They were able to survive the Great Depression and by the 1930′s, their company was considered to be the most modern luggage brand. In 1939, a new and exciting piece of luggage was introduced that Jesse called ‘the Samsonite’. In fact, this is how the company obtained it’s current well-known name. This unique piece had a sturdy fiber coating and was comprised of leather bounding, and it soon became a classic to the luggage industry.

Due to the outbreak of World War II in 1941, the company was forced to quit producing luggage temporarily. With more material needed for producing war materials, the country could not afford to use those materials on luggage. After the war, the brothers were able to sell 7 million dollars worth of luggage one year after the war had ended. They had gained new skills and awareness during the war and began to produce their luggage pieces using new synthetic materials. At this time, the brothers split their company into two divisions: luggage and steel/folding furniture. (more…)


Journey To San Diego, 20 Days.

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High Spirits San Diego

High Spirits San Diego (Photo credit: slack12)

Day One
I started my journey on a Sunday. I arrived in downtown San Diego in the evening. I wanted to have time to unpack my luggage and recover from the trip a bit. There is nothing worse than starting almost three weeks in paradise just too dog tired and disoriented to enjoy it. So pro tip: Try to travel the day before, if possible, and give yourself some time to recover from the actual travel at the start of the trip.

Since I plan to stay here five days, it is worth it to me to take everything out of my luggage and put it into the dresser drawers at the hotel. This is something my sister taught me years ago. It is more comfortable than literally living out of a suitcase. Especially if you are going to stay more than one day, this is a great thing to do. My sister swore by doing this even if it was only going to be one night. To be honest, I don’t always bother if it really will be just one night.

Day Two
So it’s Monday. I am staying downtown in The Gaslamp District. Wow, it’s so beautiful. It was laid out in the late 1800′s during that brief time when street lights were fueled by gas, not electricity. The old gas lamps are still here, but rewired to take modern electricity. It helps maintain the character of the area while meeting the safety code of the modern era that we all take for granted.

There are so many shops and restaurants here. If I had an endless budget, I would not run out of new places to try in the five days I will be in this area. For today, I just wanted to explore Horton Plaza. It’s a five story, open air mall. I ate ate California Crepes. The food was great and it was part of the experience of being at this unique mall. From the outside, it doesn’t look like a mall at all. It looks like a bunch of different buildings.



A history of Luggage Industry Samsonite, American Tourister and more.

By LuggageOnline on
Christina Ricci at Gramercy Park Hotel, during...

Christina Ricci at Gramercy Park Hotel, during the presentation of the new Samsonite Line on March 29, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Samsonite is a multi-national luggage company founded over one hundred years ago, in 1910 by Jesse Schwayder. Originally named Samson after the Biblical icon who was given superhuman strength to combat evil, Schwayder changed the name of his luggage to Samsonite in 1941, and the company name in the 1966. Considering the company’s history of strong and excellent luggage and bags that hold up against anything thrown at them, the name is definitely fitting. The bags and cases are extremely durable enough to protect even from superhuman interference, and Samsonite, recognizing the need for that, has historically bought companies who feel the same about travel.



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